JKK welcomes all the aestheticians and art lovers to visit another stroke of it’s exhibition !

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We all are talented in our own fields of creativity and imagination. Somehow amidst the art of questioning each and every evolution to doubting the very presence of varieties we keep on creating chaos for the surroundings we are a part of.

Traditions , religions, history, cultures this is what our whole country is surrounded with. The art of living our cultures to continuing the thread of our archaic bonds of traditional religiousness of the society this is exactly how we create our own cultural identity amongst diverse groups.
Jaipur is proud of its heritage and royalty and it welcomes every activity that helps it to keep its tradition alive and active. So Jawahar Kala Kendra is providing the artists to put up their art and beautiful creations of art work that traces the evolution of aesthetics in Indian Handmade Textiles from the country’s independence in 1947 upto now.

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The exhibition starts from 22nd June and will continue till July 31st.

Let’s enter and encourage the budding artists who truly reflect their thinking , mentality and dedication with their colourful and deep peices of artwork and sceneries of the historic times. The time when the actual meaning of unity with diversity was understood and given a chance to prove. Times when our leaders struggled for us to have a day full of peace and happiness. They fought for us , our freedom and our home. Thanking to these daring souls for their contribution in making our home and country safe for one and all. Pink city invites everyone to witness the lustrous exhibition portraying the time of Independence and tradition of that old age.

VENUE : Jawahar Kala Kendra

THEME : Tracing the evolution of Aesthetics in Indian handmade textiles from the country’s independence in 1947 upto now.

Encourage these artists and visit the place to taste a brimful stroke of old traditions and Indian aesthetics !