JMC deploys environment engineers to monitor garbage lifting

According to an order issued by the Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC), engineers are placed all around the city to specifically monitor the garbage lifting work. The lifting work is carried out by the BVG India Limited, the agency which has been assigned for carrying out door-to-door garbage collection in the city.

Credits: HindustanTimes

In a new move to proficiently monitor garbage lifting in the city, the JMC has recruited environment and solid waste management engineers in seven administrative zones of the city.

Despite regular claims by JMC, garbage lifting has always been an issue in several parts of the city. The city within the Walls, along with the slums, is the worst affected, and also prone to mosquito-borne diseases during the summer season. Last year. The city has also witnessed Zika outbreak besides seasonal diseases.

The JMC officials also said that deployment of the environment such engineers in the zones will lead to better monitoring of the garbage issues in the city. “Even as the post of the environment and solid waste management engineers was created in order to look after the entire cleanliness structure of the city, they were placed in the project wing. Now, that they are deployed in respective zones and given respective areas to monitor and work on the ground, the garbage lifting will be managed more closely,” said Arun Garg, Additional Commissioner, JMC.

The JMC and the door-to-door garbage collection agency are facing differences on the issue of payment for the past several months. It has also been found that the agency has deployed only 500 garbage collection vehicles instead of 700 vehicles as per the request raised by JMC.

In another recent order by the JMC, officials have also been instructed to issue challans to the hotels and restaurants violating the garbage disposal norms. According to the bylaws of Rajasthan Municipal Corporation Act, 2009, hotels and restaurants that come under the bulk garbage generator category should have their own composting machines installed, for the others, garbage collection should be done using the JMC vehicles.

As per the new by-laws, hotels can be fined up to Rs 2,000 for littering, while commercial establishments will have to pay a fine of Rs 5,000 per day for not following the garbage by-laws. For spitting and open urination, a fine of Rs.200 and Rs.300 respectively will be charged to the offender. Along with the issues like littering, the deployed officials can challan the hotels and restaurants that don’t have licenses issued by the JMC.