Kab banega Developing Jaipur se Developed Jaipur??

Developing Jaipur, Jaipur Metro
Jaipur Metro

Jaipur is on the 370th place in the list of most clean cities of India… Sad to hear….!

Only 369 cities are above Jaipur in list of most clean cities of India… Wow that’s rocking..!

That’s how I started my day today, listening these sentences from two different teenagers group.

I just thought for a while whether the second sentence could really make any sense.

Somewhere during our school days, every one of us heard in General Knowledge subject that Jaipur is said to be the Paris of India. And for a city that contributes heavily to the Foreign as well as National Tourism of India, what could be worst than being 370th clean city of India.

May be many of you are not aware that 10 years ago, Jaipur was rated as one of the fastest developing cities of India along with Ahmedabad, Pune and Chandigarh. And the saddest part is while the other mentioned cities have become developed cities, Jaipur is still rated as developing city.

Often the only thought that struck in mind is “Kab banega Developing Jaipur se Developed Jaipur??”

Is there scarcity of Resources in Jaipur?

Is youth as well as the past generation of Jaipur not capable enough?

Or is it just about lack of some basic morality that Jaipurites are lacking?

Questions may be several, what matter is whether they are answerable or not.

Other day when I was talking to two of my friends in Ahmedabad and Bangalore, both of them highlighted a great point. They mentioned the benefits that have arisen due to establishment of IIM and IIT in Ahmedabad and Bangalore respectively.

Why I have highlighted this point is because of the kind of growth and innovations, esteemed institutions like IIMs, IITs, NLUs can bring in the lifestyle of a city. When people from all around the globe come to study in these institutions, they bring the desired attraction for a city.

And for those who think Jaipur lacks resources for campuses of these institutions, need to study Economic Chapter “effective utilization of optimum resources”.

Resurgent Rajasthan – A policy initiated by Govt. of Rajasthan to promote the industrial development in Jaipur & Rajasthan seems to be questionable itself. Because when the city which is well known all over the globe, a city whose youth is achieving boundless success, a city being capital of Rajasthan is not able to attract MNC’s and heavy industries, not much can be expected from other cities of Rajasthan.

At the risk of being very critical, I would also highlight that companies operating in Jaipur lack corporate culture to some extent when we compare their working with them operating in Delhi/ Gurgaon/ Bangalore.

Another major drawback is our mentalities to resist the development. When metro work initiated in Jaipur, most of the people outlined it as needless development. Even after completion of 1st phase and 2nd phase in running, people are not ready to accept the development that Jaipur shall receive once metro becomes part of our daily lives.

Developing Jaipur
Paris Of India

Rome was not built in a single Day.

Likewise, Metro may not be needed much today, but need of it shall arise with every spent day. If we are to host workings of MNC’s in Jaipur, we shall have to develop the transportation system of Jaipur, and what better than being a Metro City.

Should I not be taken wrong, I am not criticizing the lifestyle or attitude of Jaipurites at all. Education system of Jaipur is rapidly growing with the establishment of some of the most esteemed schools here. In commerce specially, we are giving undoubtedly the best results of the country along with producing doctors, engineers, lawyers and other professionals who are doing well in which ever field they working in.

I would just conclude by saying that Jaipurites and Jaipur shall have to re-think on the current issues if they have to maintain their love relationship. Because a relationship can be maintained smoothly only when both the partners understand the needs of each other and act accordingly.

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