Legal Action Against Baba Ramadev: Rajasthan Official Asks The Centre!

As we all are well apprised about Baba Ramadev’s controversial medicine ‘Coronil’ crafted for the patients of coronavirus. The patients of COVID-19 have run into some serious trouble in the State as the health department of Rajasthan has claimed the trials ‘illegal’. Not only this, it also served a notice to Jaipur’s NIMS Hospital. 


According to the sources, Raghu Sharma, Rajasthan Health Minister has demanded a legal action from the centre against Baba Ramadev for misleading the crowd amidst the middle of a crisis. He also declared that anyone selling or distributing these pills will be put in Jail.

As per the government notice, “It has come to our notice through newspapers and TV channels that you have conducted clinical trials on patients without the permission of the Government department. NIMS Hospital is a dedicated COVID-19 institute so according to the protocol the treatment  of corona patients should have been done according to the prescribed government protocol only, if there is a violation of the protocol and you should submit a clarification to the department within three days.”

Narrottam Sharma declared that no official permission was sought or obtained for the so-called trials by Patanjali Ayurved or NIMS.

According to him a notice was issued that explained how they could conduct clinical trials without having any official permissions. He added further that they had no permission nor was there any proof of having administered those medicines.

When we are the one who conduct the test and all treatments associated with patients of COVID-19, and lay a protocol then they cannot run clinical trials on any patient without the permission. 

“For any clinical trials to be conducted, the permission has to be given by an Ethical Committee of five members. When no such committee was even constituted, how can they conduct any clinical trials and how can it be regarded as scientific or legal,” said Sharma. 

Baba Ramadev on the other hand had claimed that a clinical study of Coronil was conducted on over 100 patients admitted at NIMS located in Chandwaji. Out of the 100, 69% tested positive within three days of consuming pills and later all of them were fired within the span of seven days. 

The AYUSH Ministry demanded Patanjali Ayurved to send the essential details such as the ingredients used, location of trial, sample size of the testing group, protocol observed, along with the requisite permission. 

Sourced: The Indian Express