Leopard roams JLN Marg, scares Jaipurites

Leopard at jln marg
PC : Hemant Meena

Jaipur: On 19th march 2017, A female leopard was sighted on JLN marg in the heart of the city on Sunday night.

The leopard strayed into the city from Jaipur’s Jhalana forests near Smriti Van, keeping forrest officials on their toes. Some commuters clicked photographs of the animal and send them to forrest department officials who launched a search for it.

The Leopard roamed across JLN marg, giving a nasty surprise to late night comuters.

Last year in December, a panther cub had made its way into the staff quarters of the University of Rajasthan, triggering a scare among staff and students. The panther had sneaked into the university campus from the adjoining Jhalana Forest. “The cub from same leopard entered the university campus after it jumped the wall. But, it couldn’t climb back,” said forest ranger Surendra Sharma.

Leopard in jaipur
PC : Hemant Meena
Leopard in JLN marg
PC : Hemant Meena