Let’s Fight The Coronavirus With: 21 Days, 5 Actions

As per the PM’s order our social walls are flooded with the news of #21days lockdown. Well, yes we all heard it, we saw it and it’s time we implement it. The social webs are screaming what to do and what not to do during these quarantine days. But still we end up forgetting the essential do’s and don’ts.

Here’s a list of a few things which we must follow during the span of 21days lockdown. 

1. Don’t Panic:

Stop with the anxiousness you all, it’s important to remember that we are all in this together. Stop panicking and be calm, think about how lucky we all are to be inside our homes, having access to the coziness we have been longing for. Be grateful that you get to have a shelter in a crisis like this. Don’t lose hope and spread calm vibes not the panic.

2. Wash Your hands:

The most important, keep washing hands but make sure you don’t keep the water running for too long. Washing hands should be done repetitively and avoid touching your face as much as you can. Make sure your hands are clean, maintain hygiene. 

3. Stay home: 

Well it’s understood that staying inside is nothing but an order we all need to adhere to. But what we really need to understand that the order is for our own good and better for the people we are surrounded with. Do not go out, stay inside and catch on your sleep schedule, complete your list of series and movies, have a gala time with your families but stay indoors. Do not leave the premises of your house. The Coronavirus might not affect you but it may affect the elders around you, so for the sake of their health and yours too. Stay indoors. 

4. Stock, Don’t hoard:

21 days lockdown is more like a curfew but not a curfew. We can move out and bring the essentials when in dire need. The shops will be open, the groceries will be available so do not rush to the nearby stores and stock your houses. Consume as per the need, stop wasting food because there are still many who are struggling out there to attain a single meal in a day. Consider yourself far too fortunate if you have a safe house and you are getting all the resources.

5. Be kind, Be aware, educate:

Let’s not forget the basic sense of humanity amidst the crisis of COVID-19. Be kind to everyone one may never know what the other one is feeling or going through, maybe it’s a financial problem or could be depression. So don’t forget to be kind and helpful in this crucial time. While living inside the comfort of our respective houses let’s be aware of the current status of the scattered outbreak of Coronavirus and keep on educating ourselves about the unknowns. Don’t forget to pay gratitude to the ones working outside for all of us. Let’s make these 21 days lockdown useful and not add up to the existing trouble.

Just remember we are all in this together, spread positivity, stay sane and stay inside.