Let’s have coffee at Statue !!

For the coffee lovers there is a place for you , it’s renowned for coffee and offers the best cold and hot cups filled with yummy coffees.

Currently, you can have a cup of hot coffee for 40 INR, and along with it to fill your appetite there are varieties in the menu.

But, coffee isn’t the prime attraction of this shop. Statue Circle is a supreme location of Jaipur, comprising the statue of the king of Pinkcity. The statue is surrounded by a road and garden area. The garden is well-maintained, making sure it’s clean enough to be seated , and one can also find benches, if not booked and occupied by the the street dogs. 

The best time to visit Statue Circle for having coffee is during the evening, when you can enjoy the mesmerising sunset and the sip of hot coffee, especially in chilling winters and in later hours (not after 11PM). On regular days, a decent crowd can be noticed, and on the weekends, the rush is so real, that you’ll have to wait for your coffee, and will have no chance of finding a bench available too.

The prime feature of the coffee at Statue Circle is its taste. I’ve been a regular customer for years and have never noticed a single change in the taste. It always tastes same, i.e, yummy and worthy of the price tag, with extra chocolate chips and ice creams to go for you.

So, if you have some extra hours to kill or in a quick search for a good coffee, then go ahead and give it a try. The only case when we will not recommend the stop is if you’re looking for a strong cup of coffee.Also there is a tea stand right in front of this coffee shop, so if you are not coffee lover but your would want to enjoy the beautiful weather and amazing sunset then statue is the place for you ! 

Let’s have coffee together Jaipur ! ☕