Let’s paint Jaipur !! Dip your contribution into making our city Clean, Colourful and Bright !

JAIPUR is renowned by the name Pink City as most of its archaic and reputed buildings are painted in reddish pink colour which gives it an overall pinkish look giving birth to its well recognised name PINK CITY. But we the citizens are failing to maintain its beauty and the meaning of the name. So Contree has initiated to colour the city with its unique strokes of creativity and imagination. Let us all join hands with them and make our city a coloured city.

Today they are painting the NGO Basera and transforming the boring walls into eye catching walls. Join in and dip your brushes in the basket of creativity and paint the town colourful and bright. The team started the painting from 6:30 am and many concerned citizens took part in the initiative ,colouring and painting the walls giving birth to the spirit of volunteerism among many young souls . Even the stickholders took part in the initiative.

Not only the walls of NGO but many varieties of walls have been painted by the team Contree , interested people may refer to their Instagram page and be a part of the team Contree. Come one Jaipurites contribute some time out of your day to schedule and dip your contribution into making Our city ,clean , colourful and full of lust.

Let’s paint Jaipur ! Let’s be a part of this beautiful initiative.