List of 7 ice cream parlours in Rajapark ! Check them out.

All the ice cream lovers stop hunting for new places to have a nice delicious mouthwatering cup, cone or a candy of your favourite flavoured ice cream. We have a list prepared for you so go on

1.) Thanco’s natural Ice Cream parlour : serves delicious and creamy ice creams . All flavours of your choice , the ingredients used are all natural .

Address : Shop No-31-32, 12, Gurunanakpura, Raja Park, Gurunanakpura, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004

2.) Nibs Cafe and chocolateria : Not only ice creams this place offers a lot more than that . Waffles, snacks, pizzas, pastas and also various flavours of ice creams.

Address : C-52, Shivanand Marg, Lane 1, Raja park, Gurunanakpura, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004

3.) Habitz : serves you with numerous flavours of ice creams . They treat you with distinguished flavours in a single scoop of ice cream. Plus the place is also known for mouth watering desserts.

Address : shop no. 11 near nanak plaza , opposite lane. Rajapark , Jaipur , Rajasthan.

4.) Baskin Robbins : from mint to Chocolate to fruity , the place has maintained it’s quality of its flavours and its creamy ice creams.

Address : 245, gurunanakpura , dhruv Marg , raja park , Jaipur .

5.) Milky way : one of the oldest places for ice creams and famous for it’s desserts. Serves vanilla, Chocolate and strawberry flavours but they are too yummy. Along with ice creams the place serves Oreo shake, chocolate shake and other distinguished varieties of snacks. Give it a try .

Address : lane 5 , near AC market , Raja park , Jaipur, Rajasthan .

6.) Krishna live ice cream : As the name explains the place serves live ice creams. The ferroro rocher ice cream rolls are one of the best creations offered here. Go try them .

Address : 459, Shopping Centre, Raja Park, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004

7.) Gelato Vila : Serves you with milky ice creams, known for it’s quality and richness of the flavours. The ice creams are of pure taste , no artificial flavours are used in the ingredients. More milk and a smoother texture of the ice creams.

Address : Raja Park, Jaipur, Rajasthan

So go on and try these delicious flavours and distinguished varieties of ice creams Raja park offers you with !