List of Places Delivering Door To Door During The Lockdown

The PM’s call for a lockdown might break the chain of the COVID-19 but it has brought some major drawbacks with it. It got us all thinking about how will we avail the everyday essentials? Although the departmental stores will be open but it is not advised to step out as every other hooman will be there to buy the essentials for them. Hopefully there are many who have taken a step forward in delivering supplies like medicines, food, groceries and many more at our door steps. Even many have teamed up to deliver food to those who can’t provide for themselves. Kudos to all those people for showing humanity and keeping most of those in dire need in the loop! 

Here is a list of verified home delivery available in Jaipur for your ease and safety. 

1. Dawakart

Now that we can’t step out how would you get your medicines? 

Well, no more worries as Dawakart, which is a Pansari Medical Venture, is continuing to deliver the medicines at your doorstep with a discount of 15% on the MRP. 

Contact No. 9829059922, 6009830098

2. Mafix

They are proffering a no- contact delivery that is hassle-free and safe to order the groceries, breads, cookies and toast that you can relish in this quarantine. You can place your order through WhatsApp or Swiggy and can make the payment through digital payment platforms like Paytm, Gpay etc. The delivery person will keep the order at the specified location and wait until the order is received from the other end. A sigh of relief isn’t it? 

Contact No. 9001094669

3 Lotus Dairy

We all know how milk is a part of our daily routine, and Lotus dairy is offering home delivery services. In order to play the order, you can order it a day prior for milk and milk products and the order will be at your doorstep on the very next day, without any extra payments.

Contact No. 9829258061

4 Delivery in Jaipur

They are serving groceries and home essentials which are all sealed properly and maintain adequate levels of hygiene. Your job is to share your lists or a picture of your requirements and then they’ll send you a revised price along with the delivery amount. 

The payment will be done online because social D I S T A N C I N G is the need of the hour. 

Timings: 7am-9am (early batch)

7pm-9 pm (late batch)

Contact No. 7023766234

5. Oh My Greens! By GreenDesk

They’ll be delivering grocery items from vegetables, fruits to organic and gourmet food products so that you still get to relish healthy food items inside the comfort of your home. Contact No. 8078641228

6. Kesar

This is a supportive team more like a helping hand for those who can’t afford food and other essential items in this 21 days period of lockdown. They’ll be donating a meal box of Rs. 30 which will contain 5 Puris and aloosabzi. The meal will be prepared in house and will be delivered to gurudwaras and police stations from there, it’ll be distributed amongst the ones in need. 

Open your hearts and make a difference for the sake of humanity! 

Contact No. 9983399033, 9829099033

All the mentioned names are doing an amazing job at this time of crisis and all gratitude to them for taking up this responsibility that is oozing risk in every other second.