Lockdown Effect: 6 Everyday Things We Took For Granted!

Hola! We know that coping up with this imposed quarantine period and extended lockdown can be pretty difficult. And while we were sitting by the balconies on one of these days we couldn’t help but miss the regular lifestyle as we knew it! S

o well here’s a chunk of some everyday things that we took for granted before the outbreak of Coronavirus, and we just can’t help but miss it all.Let’s take a scroll to the list, here we go!

1 Cronies and food

Credits: chooseboth.fi

If there’s one thing that we all miss, then it’s definitely going out with our dear mates and consuming the fingerlicking junk and having zero regrets about it. Ah! Those happening evenings and sizzling momos, cold coffees and unlimited laughter. *Sighs*

2 Long drives to Nahargarh- 

Credits- road trips co

The lockdown period is quite a hard time for folks who can’t see their special one at all. The walled city is under curfew and rest every other road is under surveillance, therefore it is advised to stay home in order to remain safe and secure everyone near you. But well we do miss the long drives and hour long hanging outs with our special one. 

3 Taking a stroll at a park 

The ones with a habit for walking in the parks and catching up with their circle or just enjoy the greenery and freshness Jaipur has to offer are having a hard time missing it all. Forced lockdown and to stay inside the main entrance of the respective houses is one of the most difficult work for them!

4 Picking up groceries at Big bazaar or nearest food-hall

Ah, getting into the nearest Big Bazaar and stuffing the multiple packs of cookies, munchies, Maggie and soup sticks is what we majorly miss. The carefree way of dropping by the nearest departmental store, waving at the neighbors and catching up on life while sharing the daily humdrums. Well we miss it so much, don’t we?

5 Coffee and Chill 

Post observing self isolation at home for almost a month now, we just can’t help but miss going to the office and meeting our mates. Before the official lockdown, it was a normal routine for most of us to drop by at the nearest coffee place for a quick caffeine and munchies. Guess, now that we’re working from home, Dalgona is our rescue now. 

6 Theatres

Well before the period of lockdown it was all about having to be home and the ever-wanted ‘Netflix and Chill’. But we do miss out having the huge screen and watching the ongoing movie with a house-full!

Oh there are tons of other things that we miss, so that’s why it’s crucial that we all observe a proper quarantine so that we can resume our so called regular routines lifecycle and regain the normalcy! 

But for now, we need to be home and pay gratitude to the ones working for us day and night. Spread positivity and be safe.