Locust Attack in Jaipur: Farmers Face The Destruction!

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The county’s facing a severe wave of locust attack across various states including Rajasthan. The attacks had majorly deteriorated the farmers in the state as they affected the crops. Even in the city of Jaipur, locusts have ruined crops spread over 5 lakh hectares of space. 

Jaipur witnessed attack from millions of locusts swarming over the Pinkcity on May 25th. Post entering from Pakistan, these locusts have caused severe crop destruction across many Indian states. Even the neighbour country declared an emergency earlier this year after locusts caused a wide destruction of crops. 

While locusts have now entered other states including Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The state of Rajasthan has faced a major hurdle, as the spoliation of crops by locusts have somehow or other affected the sustenance of thousands of farmers of Rajasthan. 

Not just this, these locusts have not spared the desert areas too. About 5,00,000 hectares of land have been  wrecked. While reading about the miseries of the farmers and their families one must not forget to note that these locusts have been making life difficult for over three months.

In Western parts of the state, districts like Sri Ganganagar, Bikaner, and Bamer too have been affected intensely. The groups of pink swarming locusts destroyed lush green fields of Rabi crops. 

A major part of time of the officials and concerned authorities was spent in clearing the locusts across the state. But the problem seems far from over. Ministry of Agriculture officials are now spraying chemicals to neutralize the locust attack before any further destruction.

Livelihood of Farmers Deteriorated 

The locusts have imicaly affected the spread of crops over lakhs of hectares of land, as per an estimate.  

With an intention to calm the locust attack the farmers in other parts of the state have started using several tactics now termed desperate measures– beating utensils of steel during the noon, playing loud music, creating wood fire and running the tractor inside their fields. 

But unfortunately none of the listed methods helped reduce the effect of these locusts.