These Love Stories By A Writer From Jaipur Will Give You Goosebumps

Love seems to be a fairytale and each love story has something in it that makes it different and unique from others. There are love stories with the happy ending, stories with a lot of drama, the mushy ones and the rebellious ones. There are breakups where things don’t go well, where people get hurt, a lot of cries and heartaches. Then there are separations. Separation when people hurt and get hurt. Separation when they just can’t forget each other yet pretend to be unaffected. But somewhere we still wish to be together and relive those moments.

Praveen Jha, A Writer and Poet who was born & bought up in Delhi and now settled in Jaipur came up with a series of Love letters named ‘National Love Letter’ in a unique way by recording and uploading his Love letters on youtube. This series features some of the most offbeat love letters you will ever come across.

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Cinematography by: Himanshu Atre

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