Luxurious Hotels in Jaipur.

Jaipur, a city beautiful with it’s royalties on peak!!! The city is made up of both peaceful luxury and majestic crowd. If you ever visit Jaipur and have a budget that you can spend on your stays than there are hotels that offers you amazing luxury and services. The must visit hotels are as follows:

1. Rambagh Palace- 

Source: Taj

Rambagh Palace by Taj in Jaipur will give you thefeel of all the royalties of Rajasthan. The hotel is so grand that it covers many acres of land. It is converted into a 19th century palace that will feed your heart. All the necessities like Spa, Genteel dining and meditation classes is available in the hotel itself. Have a visit and enjoy the luxury.

2. The Oberoi Rajvilas-

Source: oberoi hotels

The hotel has luxurious quaters and also the choice of quaters is yours whether you want them with pool or not. The hotel also offers the soothing spa and fine dining. If you’re planning to come Jaipur with your family, The Oberoi Rajvilas is the way to go. The hotel is so lit and classical that you’ve only imagined it to be in your dreams. Have a glance of it and you’ll be coming again and again.

3. ITC Rajputana-

Source: ITC Hotels

Wanna experience the modern luxury ? ITC Rajputana has it all for you. The hotel has luxurious lodging with polished rooms and suits.Plus its also has 3 chic eateries, 2 bars, a pool and of course spa for you. The hotel is a mixture of modern luxury and royalty at its best. The restaurant offers yummiest food in town. Do visit here.

4. Royal Heritage Haveli-

Source: royal heritage haveli

Just as the name say, Royal Heritage Haveli is a mud full of royalty! You’ll be having the feel of what actually being in ‘Rajasthan’ is like. The Palatial hotel offers elegant suites, plus refined dining, an outdoor pool & a spa. A good to go place with lots of royal and traditional chills.

5. The Raj Palace-

Source: make my trip

The hotel is an 16th century Maharajan palace featuring upscale dining, a spa and a pool. Guess how will it feel like to live in a palace built centuries ago? Fascinating right? You should sum up your budget and extend your days for fun in pink city with all the royalties surrounding you.

Have a blast these summers with all the luxurious fun and much more in Pink City, Jaipur.

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