Makar Sakranti – Jaipur Kite Festival Begins

Jaipur Kite Festival

Makar Sakranti also called Sakrat, Uttarayan or Pongal will be celebrated on 15 January 2016 this year.
If you are not in Jaipur, you must visit Jaipur on the occasion of Makar Sakranti to fly kites and share the sky with thousands of other Kites.

Jaipur Kite Festival

Jaipur’s International Kite Festival or Jaipur Kite Festival is held every year in the capital city of Rajasthan. The sky above the city come alive with kites in many different colours, shapes and sizes. You can also hear people shouting ‘Vo Kaate’ after triumphantly cutting another kite’s string.

Jaipur Kite Festival
PC : InstaJaipur

The Rajasthan Tourism department organises the international kite festival in Jaipur at Chitrakoot Stadium, where kite enthusiasts from all over the world including US, Canada, Britain, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia etc will show off their skills. The kites measure 4-5 metres and have various shapes like fishes, dragons, birds and other geometrical figures. A kite market is held, which are food stalls, cultural performances and special kites are displayed.
At the night, Lanterns are flown.

Jaipur Kite Festival
Artist with Superman Kite in Jaipur

Annual Kite Festival at City Palace

Tourists from all over the World started flying kites at City Palace in Jaipur, Diya Kumari joined them on the terrace to fly kites.
Occasion was the inauguration of the three-day ‘Annual Kite Festival‘ at City Palace Jaipur. Tourists had a great time enjoying flying Kites on this sunny morning. They also enjoyed the traditional delicacies like Til ke laddu and Daal ke pakore. Folk singers also added joy by their traditional Rajasthani music.
The kites and charkhis of the late Maharaja Sawai Mansingh II were also displayed on the occasion. Narendra Singh, Husband of Diya Kumari also took part in the activities.

Jaipur Kite Festival
Diya Kumari Flying Kite at City Palace Jaipur. PC : Jaipur – News & Views

“Such festivals are an attempt to promote kite flying in Jaipur as an activity among tourists” Says Diya Kumari.

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