Man who tried to abduct girl in Gopalpura arrested.

Source: toi

The city police on Friday arrested a 30-year-old man for allegedly trying to abduct an eight-year-old girl from Gopalpura area on Thursday.
The accused was identified by Bajaj Nagar police as Abhay Singh, a driver. According to deputy commissioner of police (Jaipur East) Kunwar Rastradeep, Singh had separated from his wife but never formally filed for a divorce. Subsequently, he had a love affair with a woman living alone with two kids.

“While they were still in a relationship, the other woman asked Singh to get divorce from his first wife. She complained that his first wife was conducting some black magic on her family,” Rastradeep said, adding that Singh had also helped get woman’s kids into a school.
After series of regular tiffs, the woman, one day decided to move out of her house and settled at a different place without telling him. “In one of the conversation over phone, she told him that she has settled somewhere in Triveni Nagar area but did not tell him exact location in order to evade him,” Rastradeep said, adding that for past many days Singh had been roaming around Triveni Nagar and Gopalpura area to find her.

“On Thursday he saw some kids playing at a place, and mistook them for his girlfriend’ kids. Before he could meet them, they had gone. He then saw the nine-year-old girl whom he thought was friends with them,” Rastradeep said, adding that he drove near to the girl and enquired her about which school she goes to, then he took her on his bike.
But his bike broke down and the girl fell due to which she sustained some minor injuries. “We verified his claims by speaking to the woman who said that she had given him false information about her location as she did not want to meet him,” DCP said, adding that Singh has been arrested for abducting a girl and other relevant sections of the IPC.

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