Meet The Yogini of Jaipur – Shefali Upadhyaya, Here is all about her love for yoga and fitness

Jaipurites tired of busy schedules ? Loaded with abundance of work and facing difficulties in how to balance work and life ?

Here we have our blogger of the week Shefali Upadhyaya who is a fitness freak and yoga lover, highly obsessed with workout and healthy lifestyle. Read the following article to understand better what yoga can provide you with and how to live a happy life.

I am Shefali and I am obsessed with fitness and healthy lifestyle.

I have been doing yoga for a year now. From the hustle of city life I found my peace and calm in yoga.

I hope to inspire you to be the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.

Yoga has changed my life. So, I’m here writing to make a difference in yours as well.


Yoga can provide us with the secret to happy and healthy living. It can help today’s generation in getting rid of various mental problems like overthinking, social anxiety, mood disorders and depression as yoga perceives the power to heal the wounds of grief, physical disability, emotional trauma and disease.

Breathing exercise and meditation are a key to help, calm a busy mind and assist in letting go stress.Yoga postures can help achieve a happy and healthy mind and body.

Asanas help us release tension and negativity 

Asanas help release tension and negativity from the system, not only this but it helps your body to gain much flexibility and function with utter smoothness.

They also help in increasing the tendency of our body and make us gain flexibility for long term. 

Asanas are crucial to keep you healthy both mentally as well as physically.

They are a support system which can give you wondrous results if done correctly with much accuracy.

Also the meditation altogether helps you to reconnect with your soul and mind.

To live a smooth and healthy lifestyle one must ensure to spare some time out of their busy schedules and try indulging in activities like yoga, meditation and physical workout.

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So do yoga everyday and live the happiest version of yourself.

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