Milk From Saras Dairies To Be Available Once In A Day

Use these quarantine days in a better way possible, change your routine of sleeping late and swap it with waking up early morning. It’s not only good for the health and better for a schedule but also to attain the essential products one of which is Milk.

So folks, wake up early in the morning and buy milk for you and your family, as Rajasthan Cooperative Dairy Federation (RCDF) has proclaimed to supply milk ONCE in a day and that too during mornings only. Due to this, the supply of milk from Jaipur Dairy was terribly affected on Wednesday i.e 25th March, spreading worry all across Jaipur.

It was on Tuesday that RCDF decided to supply various varieties of it’s renowned milk brand Sara’s only once in a day, which of course had its  consequences. Similarly the private dairies of milk booths selling milk in different colonies were also shut, springing the repercussions. 

The thing hampering the supply is that the men involved in the supply too are being reluctant in giving the supply to outline that they too have lesser exposure. Henceforth, the RCDF has decided to supply milk once in a day and ensure that enough milk is provided in one go as the booth received twice in a day. Those who do not generally wake up early to get milk and are dependent on the evening supply, were absolutely clueless and were seen wandering here and there to get milk.

According to Mudassir Ali, a native of Udyog Nagar in Jhotwara, “The government should at least allow the private milk booths in the locality. Also, Saras Dairy supply should be monitored by the agencies of government. At many booths by 9 am there was no milk and at some booths, the tetra pack costing Rs. 60 was sold in Rs. 70 to Rs. 80” 

When, shared the problem with an RCDF officer he said,“While supplying twice in a day we are giving nearly 8.50 lakh litres of milk in a day but on Wednesday, we could supply nearly 7 lakh litres. Those involved in the supply vehicles have shown their reluctance to be on duty twice a day, thus we are supplying only during early morning hours.”

But the consumers suggested that with the altered scenario after the lockdown, the state government should bring alternate and effective measures to allow the private milkman to operate. The matter is still waiting for a solution, however until then you all need to wake up early to buy milk for yourself and your family. It’s an essential commodity for every household, let’s consume it wisely.