Meet Miss Lingerista – A Girl From Jaipur Breaking Stereotypes About Lingerie


What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘Lingerie’? Sexy, hot, bold, something really intimate or just meant for actresses, models, or girls who have a svelte figure?

Well, hear what Miss Lingerista has to say, and it will probably change your perception towards lingerie and self-love.

We’ve come so far in terms of a modern and liberal society, but women still avoid discussing this beautiful necessity openly. And, when someone calls for it, the only thing you can hear is, Sssshhhh… it’s not meant to be discussed publicly!! Why is a necessity defined as an unspeakable?

A girl from Jaipur, Miss Lingerista, shakes these thoughts. And, while having this conversation with her, we came to know about many things, myths, and her thoughts about lingerie in a unique way.

  1. Tell us a brief about yourself?

“I’m a computer engineer by education, a writer by profession and a body positive, lingerie blogger by passion. Born in Jaipur, brought up in multiple cities, and finally settled in NCR (yeah… for now).”

  1. Behind your concept and name of Miss Lingerista, who is your inspiration?

“I have an unhealthy fixation with lingerie pretty much. About 2 years ago, I was browsing through a couple of blogs to educate myself about bra sizes. I realised that not a single lingerie blog was dedicated to Indian women. That’s when I decided to indulge myself in my addiction a little more and create a platform to talk about it.

And since I’m a devoted follower of lingerie, hence, the name, Miss Lingerista.”

  1. What do you often hear, when you introduce yourself as Miss Lingerista?

“It’s funny because I usually have to repeat it at least once because people doubt what they just heard. Then, it’s astonishment because this is the last thing anyone would possibly expect you to say- ‘Hi, I’m a Lingerie blogger!’ But I guess, it doesn’t take them long to realise how significant it is to educate everyone about this apparently ‘unspeakable’ niche.”

Lingerie Blogger
PC: @devvrat_arya
  1. Tell us about some of the most unusual challenges you went through while sharing body positive thoughts?

“Lol! If you’re expecting me to talk about haters and stalkers, my apologies. Thankfully, that’s not happened yet. Believe me! My audience is actually acknowledging my work, and it isn’t that difficult. It’s just that no one is willing to take the initiative. And, I’m grateful that both, men and women, who have gone through my content, comprehend it.”

  1. Don’t you feel awkward while doing Lingerie Shoots?

“I’ve been very lucky! All the photographers I’ve collaborated with have been amazing. It isn’t about “exposing my body”, but about two artists working together to create something beautiful and meaningful. Besides, one has to break out of his/her comfort zone to grow.”

  1. What were the reactions of your closed ones, when they came to know about your concept of promoting lingerie brands?

“They know it when I set my mind, heart and soul on something; nothing can really stop me from doing it. I enforce my stubbornness at its highest level (*facepalm*).”

  1. Do you receive a positive response from males as well females asking for your bits of advice about lingerie shopping advice or your work on social media platforms?

“Oh yes, absolutely! It’s encouraging to see how women, as well men, want to know about it. Frequently, I have witnessed that they are curious to know why lingerie is must have, what are the best buys, and much more.”

  1. As per your thought process, how far your initiative towards body shaming and other stereotypes related to intimate wears has evolved till date?

“Regarding intimate wear, people have begun to contact me for advice and views. And, I most definitely answer all such queries. And, as far as working towards breaking body stereotypes is considered, I’ve recently started this campaign #HateLoss, which is grabbing the eyeballs. The idea is to convey the message – all bodies are good bodies. And, to communicate that I’m featuring regular women on my Instagram profile along with their sense of beauty and why they love themselves. Those pictures and conversations are moving beyond the surface level.”

  1. Any message that you want to bestow among the readers?

“If you aren’t in that place where you want to be, work for it. You’ll get there eventually. Change takes place, but not overnight. If you want to feel good about yourself, begin with not feeling sorry for yourself or your body. You’re a product of the universe. You are energy.”

Thank you so much, girl! For bringing up something worth to know and sharing your thoughts with us. As we can call it a revolutionary step towards body shaming and being bold enough to take pride in your shape.

miss lingerista
PC: @devvrat_arya

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