Monsoon is on: 12 things to perk up your taste buds in Jaipur

As the monsoon has knocked at Jaipur’s door, anyone would love to go out and enjoy the rainy weather and get on their tongue the flavors of ‘Desi’ eatables. Here is the list of some best dishes you can relish this monsoon. Have a look!

  1. Samosa/Kachori:

Whether you are on a diet or are away from the oily stuff, kachori samosa can turn your pledges into dust!! Yes! Who doesn’t like to have Samosa/kachori? This famous snack can be eaten stomach-full anytime of the day, can be a part of our breakfast and becomes essential when it’s raining.

Find the best Samosa/ Kachori at Samrat-Chaura Rasta, Doodh Mishthan Bandar, Lalkothi Rawat Mishthan Bhandar- Sindhi Camp, and Shankar Samosa-Raja Park

pyar is kachodi in jaipur
Rawat ki Kachodi
  1. Chai:

Chai can be termed as the national drink of the Indians. Chai is an unavoidable part of our lives, our day starts with a cup of tea and till the evening we have, somewhat, had three to four cups of the same.  Hot Chai in a pretty cold breeze in the monsoon makes your day worthier.

Find the best chai at Sahu wala and Samrat are for Chai and you can get some snacks as well to complement the chai treat.

Monsoon in Jaipur

  1. Pakore:

Pakora is the favorite Indian snack when the rain god showers his grace.  It is easy to cook at home too; there are lots of shops where you will get the best Pakore in Jaipur and that too in numerous varieties like Pyaz Pakoda, Bread Pakoda, Mirchi Badha, Paneer Pakoda.

Find the best Pakoras at Baba Harishchand Marg, Pakorawala MI Road, Saras Parlour JLN Marg, Chaisa Lal Kothi

Monsoon in Jaipur

  1. Bhutta:

This is the most loved thing when anyone wants to eat something out in monsoon.  You will find a number of stalls and vendors selling sweet corn and corncobs roasted on coal which gives a superb flavor and fragrance to the corn. Just add a little salt and lemon juice and this Bhutta will pleasure your tongue like nothing could have.

Find the best Bhutte at Jal Mahal ki pal

Monsoon in Jaipur
PC : OurJaipur
  1. Aloo ka Paratha:

Hot and fuming ‘Aloo ke paratha’ with Aachar and Dahi! – This is an incredible and mouth watering combo that serves the taste buds like nothing else. This combo can be the best lunch or dinner in rains.

Find the best Aloo ke parathe at Well, no one makes this bad…. So you can eat anywhere precisely.

  1. Chole Bhature:

Chole Bhature is just irresistible in Monsoon. Bhature and Spicy Chole will give you a stomach full and Jaipur has ample of vendors that sell superb, lip-smacking Chole Bhature.

  1. Bread-Bade:

There are various small and big outlets which give unmatched bread-Bada or Bread-Pakoda in Jaipur and seriously they are a must try.

  1. Chaat:

Peppy, spicy chats can never leave anyone disappointed. From home-made Patashi to Tikkiya chole, monsoon gives a lot of opportunities to relish awesome dishes.

Gol gappe in jaipur
Nand’s Golgappe
  1. Vada Paav:

Hot vada pav is just perfect for a rainy and cold day. The bun with the filling in it can beat any burger in the world and is a delectable dish.

  1. Sev Puri

A Popular fast-food chat snack also served at upscale locations. It is mix of papdi, sev, batata, moong, onion, sev, curd and assortment of chutneys make it simply irresistible during rains.

Find the best Sev Puri at Nand’s Gogappe- C-Scheme, Gopal JI- Ahimsa Circle, Bombay Chat- Bapu Nagar

  1. Bhel Puri

It is one of the most common chaat sold in the streets of Jaipur which is a delicious mixture of puffed rice, sev, tomato, potato, onion and sweet-sour-spicy chutneys.

Find the best Bhel Puri at Aunty’s Café- Scheme, Green Chilly-Shyam Nagar, Bombay Chaoupaty-GT, Chatkara Puchka- WTP

  1. Pav Bhaji:

Pav Bhaji is a must for any food lover, irrespective of any season. Pav Bhaji and Bhelpuri is one irresistible combo.

Find the best Pav Bhaji at Moti Doongri Circle

Best Pav Bhaji in jaipur
Pandit Pav bhaji Jaipur

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