From foodies to aesthetic admirers these cafes have everyone’s heart !! Checkout the 10 most visited cafes of Jaipur

Pinkcity has a lot to offer when it comes to choosing which place to go to and grab a bite. Be it your love for tea or coffee, or your wish to read a book and grab a cappuccino , or your wish to eat out or simply your wish to explore new cafes at Jaipur city.

The city currently prides itself on having such rich and diverse collections of cafes that it is commendable in not one not two but so many ways. Here at Jaipurcityblog we have got your choices covered, to help you find your right fit a small list of best cafes in Jaipur has been presented below :

10 most visited cafes in town 

1. Tapri Central – 

The place is set in the most happening part of the city , The C-scheme. Tapri Central is definitely a must try place in town when it comes to the top cafes in Jaipur city. The place has a nice ambience and a beautiful rooftop view. Though the place is setup in a very porsche area of the town but whenever you will enter the place you will witness a different type of demography.

Where – B4 E, 3rd floor, Surana Jewellers, opposite Central Park , cscheme , Jaipur

Zomato rating – 4.9

Cost for two – Rs. 800

2. Cafe Bae 

Cafe Bae is one of the most visited places by the majority especially on Sundays , as they offer you the big brunch for just Rs. 499, which includes the lavish spreads of the town, omelette , sausages , pancakes , waffles and a dedicated desert counter from cupcakes to strawberry shakes they have them all covered. 

Where – Hotel Las Vegas, A1, 21 Sehkar Marg, Bais Godam, Jaipur

Zomato rating – 4.6

Cost for two – Rs. 1200

3. Cafe Lazy Mojo – 

You will always find this place full of happy faces enjoying the delicious food served out here. They will serve you multiple cuisines all made with love and all equally scrummy . Visit the place and you will love the ambience there.

Where – H1 , Lal Bahadur Nagar , S.L Marg, Malviya Nagar , Jaipur city

Zomato rating – 4.4

Cost for two – Rs. 800

4. On The House – 

The place is renowned by the name OTH,  having an uptown ambiance of a European bistro in a store, offering baked delights along with varieties of healthy stuffings , hot and cold beverages.

Where – E 145, Ramesh Marg , behind Talwalkars , C-scheme , Jaipur city

Zomato rating – 4.3

Cost for two – Rs. 1300

5. Chaisa

The place is popular for the varieties of teas served at pocket friendly prices, not just teas but even pastas and Maggie served here is much worthy than its actual price. Let’s just say the quantities are doubled the amount of their price. Its ambience is very cute and inviting. Go try the place.

Where – 8A, satya vihar , behind Nagar Nigam civil lines , zones office, near Vidhan Sabha, Lol kothi, Jaipur

Zomato rating – 4.2

Cost for two – Rs. 500

6. Fat Lulu’s

The place is popular for giving people foodgasm  , they served nothing but luscious food in all categories. Located amidst the most happening part of the city , C-scheme , visit the place with your cronies and dearies.

Where – A-5, ground floor 1-1, suryavanshi pearl , Chomu house , Sardar patel Marg, C-scheme , Jaipur

Zomato rating – 4.3

Cost for two – Rs. 1300

7. Cafe Quaint 

The place is peaceful , not only serves you it’s best waffles , cakes and coffees but some real positive vibes and vibrant energy. Cafe Quaint has an aura which invites you to try out it’s scrummy sandwiches and veggies.  The place promote art and it’s situated at the most visited place by not just the natives but the tourists and art lovers the JKK .

Where – Alankar art gallery, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Bapu Nagar , Jaipur

Zomato rating – 4.2

Cost for two – Rs. 500

8. TGIH – Thank God It’s Healthy 

Too much unhealthy stuff served everywhere , want to have something healthy but equally tempting and not just simply veggies. Then we suggest give this place a try . It won’t let you down

Where – F-12 panchsheel Marg , Ashok Nagar, C-scheme , Jaipur city

Zomato rating – 4.0

Cost for two – Rs. 700

9. Praddy’s diner – 

Praddy’s diner has some charm and vibe which grabs every passers attention. They serve delicious waffles and the juiciest burgers. Go try and explore the place.

Where – D-29 Subhash Marg, c-scheme , Jaipur

Zomato rating – 4.3

Cost for two – Rs. 500

10. Sultanat 

The place is beautiful and spacious from it’s every end. Heads up for all the hygiene lovers , they are renowned for maintaining excellent hygiene standards.  Seating is comfortable and the decor is what you will love after tasting their yummy dishes.

Where – The Fort , P-20 , Lal Bahadur , S.L Marg , Malviya Nagar , Jaipur

Zomato rating – 4.7

Cost for two – Rs. 1200

Go on and eat out at these , the most widely popular and much visited cafes of town. Foodies to aesthetic admirers the cafes listed are simply what all you wish to go to. Many more are yet to come , till then check these all out here.