Must Try: 8 Healthy Breakfast Options That Are Too Wholesome To Resist

The lockdown effect is pretty much the same in every household and as the news of Coronavirus is opening dilemmas for many, we continue to be paltry productive. Since the imposed quarantine seeks pleasure in breaking our regular working schedules and spreads laziness all over we get up, eat, resume the current series and stuff munchies while we complete it. And obviously the same monotonous eating options even we are bored of making and consuming the junk. So why not let’s switch back to the healthier and wholesome breakfast options for a better body? We understand the whole day passes and we hardly step out and sweat, so here are some healthy breakfast options you can opt and have guilt free consumption. 

8 Healthy Breakfast Options You Can Consume Without Much Ado 

The following is a list of healthy breakfast ideas for you to savour in this lockdown period.

1 Stuffed Parathas-

The best Indian breakfast resorts are the stuffed parathas that are easy to prepare and are filled with nutrition. You can use the stuffing of broccoli, beetroot, sweet potato, carrots, methi, peas for a highly nutritious treat. But remember while you make them use the least oil or ghee and stuff them well. Try making them with minimal oil and ghee to make it more healthier.

2 Try Different Types Of Chillas-

Chillas are the best go-to breakfast if you feel like eating something light, yummy and healthy. While you crave to have something delicious try suji chilla, Besan Chilla or oats chilla and chop onions and tomatoes for some bursting flavours. Have these and relish them with your fam. 

3 Smoothie bowls-

One of the pretty wholesome lists of healthy breakfast can never exclude smoothie bowls. These are just too suffice and healthy, just muster up some berries, fruits, milk and include ingredients according to the type of smoothie you wish to have. But remember, always exclude sugar and use  honey or styria if you crave for something sweet. 

4 Poha- 

Poha is quick to prepare and easy to have, try these when your homies wish to have something quick and delicious.Have poha and top it with onions, tomatoes, add a few drops of lemon in it to savour a better taste.  

5 Vermicelli- 

Oh these are just too light and will satisfy your cravings to have something flavorous, light and full of veggies. To make it more appealing add some black pepper and oregano for a great flavour. 

6 South Indian- 

South Indian dishes are mostly light, filling and are healthy af, especially for those residing in the land rich for Dal baati churma. There are many south Indian options like Uttapams, rava dosa, stuffed idlis which are just the right choice for a healthy and nutritious diet.

7 Fruit & Cereals- 

Your list of healthy breakfast options must always include fruit and cereals. Make a great fruit salad using mangoes, watermelon, bananas, berries and take a bowl of cold milk and quest your thirst by adding any type of cereals like corn flakes, muesli, Chocos, Granolas or fruit loops. This is one of the highly consumed breakfast in most of the households. 

8 Scrambled Eggs- 

If you are an eggetarian then scrambled eggs are the easiest and the quickest breakfast options you can consume. These are easy to make and there is no such glitch in preparing the scrambled eggs unlike sometimes we face while preparing the omelette. 

So what are you waiting for? Try the above mentioned list of healthy breakfast options and enjoy a meal full of nutrition and flavours. Meanwhile don’t forget to pay ode to the noble souls working hard for us. Pay gratitude and stay healthy everyone.