MYOLO Secret Talks Jaipur Edition


Why you cannot miss having blindfolded conversations with strangers?

MYOLO Secret Talks is all about conversations minus judgements. How this works is we put blindfolds on a group of people that have never met before and then break them up into smaller groups. Now they don’t know whom they are talking and there’s no way to find out either. So it’s all about opening up about our desires or setbacks and letting others in without worrying about what others may think.

Here’s why you cannot miss it:

No judgements, talk freely

No one knows you around and you’ve got blindfolds on. So that leaves no scope for prejudices to creep in or for people to judge thereby giving you a license no one should ever require – to talk freely, the fear of judgement being thrown out of the window.

A date with nature

In our daily lives we are always so occupied with things and are always hooked to our phones or other devices. Do you remember when you visited a park last? What about spotting different trees and naming them? How bad have we become at that. So let’s connect with nature again too and perhaps, let’s take a break from our phones.

No better place

Central Park, the venue for Secret Talks Jaipur Edition, is apt for the occasion with the weather being caught in the transition from cold to hot. Oh, the lush green background would make for such a setting for conversations to be sparked and new connections to be forged.

Choose your alt-name, finally

Always wanted to choose an awesome name yourself, didn’t you? Well this is where that wish comes true as all participants choose a pseudonym for themselves and maybe build a persona around it as they interact with people with their eyes shut and identities hidden.

Strangers No More

And once the conversations begin flowing there’s always a kind of positivity and excitement in the air with people from different walks of life coming together and opening up to each other one conversation at a time. And by the end of it, some of you are friends already. Stranger who?

Heartaches to travel stories, this is for all

And there’s no limit on subjects you want to talk about. While some people talk about their professional triumphs others choose to tell jokes. Laugh together or maybe engage in philosophical and intimate conversations, it really it your call.

Because former participants loved it

Here’s what one of our participants, Ananya, had to share about her experience at the Secret Talks 3.0 in Delhi. “I have never been a part of a community like this before. This is my first experience of the Secret Talks. In fact, I even met the friend who invited me here for the first time. This is amazingly refreshing experience. I think everyone needs to be a part of at least once.”

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