Nahargarh Fort – A monument that speaks about past

Nahargarh Fort based on the theme of temple of NAHAR SINGH BHOMIA JI was built in year 1734 by king Sawai Jai Singh the founder of Jaipur. It was tiger’s hunting palace and was also called “PALACE OF TIGERS”.

The Huge designed walls seems like fortifications which connects the Nahargarh fort to Jaigarh fort, the fort on top of Amber. In early times at the time of wars, the safest place in Jaipur was Nahargarh fort. Sometimes prince from different kingdoms use to keep themselves safe in this fort..

Jaipur in Diwali


Nahargarh was also known as Sudharshangarh, but as it was famous with name “Adobe Of Tigers” so it came to known as Nahargarh. Sawai Jai Singh connected a cave from Amber to Jaigarh and then Jaigarh to Nahargarh via road, because all three of these places were very safe, so it was very important to create a hidden connection between the forts at the time of War Attacks.

Nahargarh was a defensive palace like Jaigarh fort and capital AMBER. The great fort was further developed by Sawai Madho Singh. He built further palaces in the fort and gave it a mesmerizing look. He linked Rooms from corridors, these corridors were very narrow. This construction costed 3 and half lakh rupees at that time.!

If we talk about beauty of Nahargarh in this century , then answer will be – “As always”. Because many super hit movies are shooted here

Few of the movie which are shooted in Nahargarh Fort are as follows :


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