‘Nautapa’ Is Here: Stay Hydrated and Stay Inside Jaipurites!

Hola Jaipur netizens! Well by now a majority of us have been trying to find a way to calm down the scorching waves that’s been hitting us since the past few days. And from what we just heard there’s no respite in the coming days.

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According to the Meteorological Department there has been a ‘red warning’ which was issued on Saturday, the 24th. The warning is specifically for Rajasthan, Haryana, Chandigarh, and Delhi for the coming few days. The temperature might hit 45-degree Celsius. The people residing in these places are urged to stay at home between 1-5 PM. Well given the circumstances under the spread of COVID-19 the people are highly advised to stay inside  and contain the spread. 

There also might be a heatwave or severe heatwave conditions in several fractions of the country’s northern region. 

What is a heatwave? 

A heatwave is specifically declared in plains when the maximum temperature is 45 degree Celsius and a severe heatwave is when it’s 47 degree Celsius.

So look out for the heatwaves people, stay hydrated and stay indoors. We all must realise that staying indoors is not just the shield for heatwave but for the spreading virus too. Meanwhile don’t forget to pay gratitude for the noble souls working hard for all of us. Keep praying and spreading positivity. It’s time we all realise that the year has opened showers of deterioration inside our mental capacities.