Navratra in Jaipur; Jaipur in Navratra

If you are in Jaipur at this time, you must be surely loving the festive environment of Jaipur.
Navratra in Jaipur is Amazing!! Navratra celebration is going on in Pink City, Jaipur and Jaipurites are celebrating each day and each night to the core.

During morning & evening, you can hear the most fantastic bhajans of Maa Vaishno Devi, while the nights are all musical and cheerful in the light of Garba and Dandiya.

According to the expectations of related industry, a minimum of 13 large Dandiya events & almost 500 small dandiya events shall be organized in pink city during 9 days.

It’s 6 a.m. in the morning when you are waking up from sound sleep; still quite early?

If you are thinking anything like it, correct yourself. Go to Sheela Devi temple and you might have to wait in queue for another 4 hours to get a chance to enter inside temple. Yes such is the devotion of Jaipurites that long queues can be seen from 5 am in the temple.

Jaipur has always been a specimen of traditions. May be many of you don’t know that still, King of Jaipur is the first worshipper of  Sheela Devi Mata on the first day of Navratras.

King Leads, Public follow. Isn’t it a great tradition?

At evening, ensure to visit Vaishno Devi Mata temple at Panchwati Circle and you shall surely hear best of the supernatural bhajans of Mata. Joint centre of 5 roads is magical in itself and when Vaishno Devi Temple is situated on such joint centre, such centre becomes even more delightful.

“Wherever I go in night, high music and colourful environment follows me.”


Navratra in Jaipur
Dandiya in Jaipur


No it’s not the slogan of Vodafone, it’s the feeling of a tourists who has come to Jaipur during Navratras. People in colourful traditional dresses & sound of Dandiyas all around, that’s how Jaipur celebrates this awesome colourful event.

No, not only the Dandiya event, Ramleela are going on all around the city in various Ramleela Maidans.  You surely need to take your children, siblings to Ramleela and show them the creation that has several good teachings for everybody.

If you are thinking that celebration will go around the city only in these 9 days, you need to update yourself. 10th day, the Day of Dussehra, becomes a witness of Jaipur eradicating evilness in form of Ravan Dehana. Ramleela Maidan of Adarsh Nagar, Ramleela Maidan of Mansarovar & several other such grounds watch thousands of people taking part in Ram’s winning over Ravana Moment.

So if you have not participated in any Garba till now, don’t delay; halo re halo, garba halo.

If you are not from Jaipur, You must visit Jaipur and experience Navratra in Jaipur.

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