Amazing work by Naya Sawera NGO in Jaipur

Naya Sawera

Naya Sawera is one of the leading youth based, registered Non-Government & Not-For-Profit Charitable Organization in Jaipur registered under Societies Registration Act working for the welfare of the people of different underprivileged sections of society by various means. The aim to see that no human being is deprived of his basic needs because of poverty and the organization also sees to support and nurture the talents which cannot avail of proper facilities because of poverty. The organization supports all its programs from the funds voluntary donated by people, funds collected by members and the membership fee paid by the members. As of now the Naya Savera Jaipur has over 500 registered members and volunteers with the team of 30 core member who offer their services in the programs conducted by the organization.

Work by Naya Savera NGO

Clean City Campaign at Jal Mahal, Jaipur by volunteers of Naya Savera.

Few days back a person from Jaipur posted a Jal Mahal photograph with sad perspective, and after that Naya Sawera NGO team takes the Initiative of Cleanliness event of Jal Mahal Lake. Thank You Naya Sawera team for making this possible.. One thing which we observed during this cleanliness event was that until and unless people will not change themself, dream of “Clean Jaipur, Green Jaipur” is not possible.

Picture Credits : Arun Mazumdar

Naya Sawera
naya savera jaipur
naya savera jaipur

Upcoming Events by Naya Sawera Jaipur

Jaipur Marathon

Running makes people more aware spiritually aware and in tune with their inner self. – Words by Fauja Singh, 104 years old Marathon Runner.

If he can do it then why can’t we? Come, let’s be the part of Jaipur Marathon on this Valentine February 14, 2016 for sake of something better than a win and feel happy about yourself.

Join us in our cause of running for Charity and help us to raise the funds for government school as we will be using funds for renovation that ensures proper study rooms, loo facilities, furniture, blackboards, water supply and other miscellaneous things for 250 students. A little step from you can help these students become responsible citizens of tomorrow and can borne our legacy of making this world a better place to live for all.

#RunforCharity #AuJaipurMarathon

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