Night lovers ! We have something for you…

All the insomniac and the night lovers , Jaipur has something for you ! We are planning to illuminate the walled city with respect to the smart city’s project. Roam around the colourful and happening bazaars of town.

The whole walled city will be illuminated and you all can witness the spectacular forts even in the night . Yay. The sparkling beauty of these archaic monuments could be explored better and for a longer duration. Because of the smart city’s project work the whole plan will be executed well till the coming independence day. We are happy to announce you the city will be full of energy , colours and crowd in the night as well.

Not only the places near the monuments but also the famous bazaars such as kishanpole , johari bazaar , chauda Rasta, sargasauli too will be well lit and beautifully ready so that we could explore their beauty in the darkness as well.

The tourist too could see the sparkling lust of our walled city , explore and enjoy it’s charismatic view beneath the beautiful and sparkling stars.

For the visitors , some portions will be pre illuminated till 10th august itself for the convenience. 

Guys, shop, explore, roam, walk and scrutinize the beauty of our walled city. Shop like a shopaholic , most of the streets of the walled city are decorated with bright shops, lights and colours. Eat like a foodie , we have famous snacks available out in here, sit and relax at the team points around here they serve the best teas in town. Irrespective of all these the city is filled with many jewellery shops, accessories , art pieces like paintings wall hangings, puppets etc. 

So guyz travel around , hangout with your near and dear ones here because believe us this place is charming and colourful since it’s birth.

Have fun exploring and rejuvenating !