No Cars On Busy Roads Of Jaipur

What do you it a good proposal? does it need effective implementation?,

No cars on busy roads of Jaipur..!!

Shocked? Happy? Sad? Doesn’t matter?

Yes, Transportation Department is preparing a proposal for Car free zone. The main aim of this proposal is to reduce the pollution in the polluted cities. Proposal shall be issued in the second week of October to capture the feedback reactions of the public. According to Transportation Department, highly polluted Raipur, Jaipur, Indore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Chennai, & Calcutta have been included in the first phase of Proposal.

Roads Of Jaipur

Let’s look upon the major points that have been included in the proposal:

  1. There shall be a prohibition on driving cars in the busiest areas.
  2. Suggestion of hiking the car parking fees by 70% or even more.
  3. Making people aware to use the public transportation system rather than cars and other private transports.
  4. Time may be fixed during which cars shall be prohibited in the areas upto a specific limit.
  5. Time limit shall be fixed which shall be applicable during peak hours. During free hours, cars may be taken in the areas.


One of the senior officials of Transportation Department has quoted that if feedback of public remains positive towards the proposal, appreciation of pollution free vehicles can even be think upon.

I personally feel that there has to be a set system in Jaipur for transportation. Transportation is rapidly increasing and if set system is not established in near future, Traffic problems in Jaipur shall have to be faced like Delhi, Mumbai and other metro cities.

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