No School,No Fees: Parents Protested Outside Jaipur Schools!

Parents gathering to protest outside a Jaipur school

Due to the ongoing pandemic many people have switched to work from home (wfh). Especially the corporate sector. Even the schooling is switched to online mode for the safety of many. In Jaipur majorly all the schools commenced their session in the month of April. Online classes were scheduled and the digital classrooms were filled with students.

But as the government released a loose string that there should be no pressure from schools regarding the matter of fees, those parents who can easily afford to pay, didn’t. School management, staff, and the teachers had to suffer the outcome. 

The first trimester of the school is about to conclude and still the matter of fees is merely resolved. Although this has not affected the studies and teacher student interactions, as of now. The school teachers offered a helping hand and even passed on their own crafted study materials so that the students can use this time productively. 

As we are about to enter July and it’s the last week of summer vacations, the schools have issued the circular for fees as only 10% of the total parents transferred the fee. 

Considering the current scenario and increasing bar of COVID-19 cases the offline schooling is yet to witness a delay. The online mode of teaching is the most suitable option. 

The major hassle in between is that the teachers have no salaries and yet again they have been asked to teach the students online with complete dedication. Which is an unfair deal as they too need to run their house and require the pay. 

The parents, instead of understanding the concern on a larger scale, have simply restrained from paying the fees. Parents union are encouraging protests and distanced gathering in front of the schools with a #NoschoolNofees. Many parents are attending meetings in the Central Park and uniting on this. 

On Saturday, a majority of parents from respective schools of Jaipur gathered and decided to protest against the payment of school fees.

Parents meeting in Central Park to collectively oppose the school fees.

All this is making the matter all the more intense and crucial. Specifically for the school employees as they are facing the major burden with no liquidity. 

It’s time parents/guardians understand the adversity of the situation and resolve the matter on humanitarian grounds. As this matter is not only painting a grey picture, but also creating a gap between student-teacher relations.

No doubt the parents are struggling from their end, but the schools are ready to offer cooperation. Those who are somewhere associated with this issue please understand we all are facing the same storm. Try  to be generous and have some empathy for everyone.