#NotInMyName: Jaipur gathers at Amar Jawan Jyoti to protest against Kathua, Unnao rapes.

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Jaipur’s Amar Jawan Jyoti was a different sight altogether on Monday evening. The place, where people usually go for evening walks and hang out with their friends, was brimming with hundreds of boys and girls holding placards and candles and demanding justice for the Kathua and Unnao rape victims. These youngsters, many of whom were dressed in black, even carried out a candle march.

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Prior to the march, a street play titled, Abb Bass, directed by a city-based theatre artist Abhishek Mudgal and presented by Rang Mastaaney Group was performed that highlighted the plight of women and the atrocities that they face on an everyday basis. Mann Gera, one of the promoters of the event, said, “We have gathered here to protest against all the atrocities happening across India. We are here to demand justice not just for the Kathua rape victim but for each and every woman, who has and continues to face humiliation of different kinds every day. We need to make our society safer.”

Source: toi

Yash Maheshwari, a Jaipur-based stand-up comic, said, “This is a silent protest. We have assembled here because we want justice for the eight-year-old girl. We also slam those who are trying to add a communal colour to this case.”
A protestor was seen holding placard that read, “Is Indian law crippled or a slave? We are sorry and ashamed.” Another placard read, “It’s time for the government to decide ‘Beti Bachao’ or ‘Balaatkari Bachao’.”

Source: toi

Mohsin Dar, who hails from Kashmir and is a student of Jaipur National University, told us, “We are all enraged over Kathua and Unnao rape cases. The issue of women safety remains a major concern. Even young boys are not safe. We want culprits to be hanged to death.” “Guys, it’s a silent protest,” shouted a few volunteers, when some others started raising slogans against the government.

Pictures by: Shalini Maheshwari/BCCL

News Courtesy: The Times Of India.

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