Now Order Home From Domino’s Without Contacting The Delivery Guy and K E E P D I S T A N C E

Each and every one is worried about the increasing spread of Coronavirus, so staying inside is the only best way to survive the time of the COVID-19 crisis.

Be it the governing authorities or the food industry, everyone is doing and following their bit to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. But hey we just heard about the zero-contact delivery of McDonald’s and Domino’s and here is everything you need to do to avail. 

The zero-contact delivery policy that has been introduced by Domino’s has allowed customers of 1,325 restaurants to receive orders without making any contact with the person who is delivering. This service can be availed on the latest version of the Domino’s App where all the customers need to opt for the “Zero Contact Delivery” option while placing the order and use the online payment method. When the safe delivery expert arrives, he will place the order at your doorstep and shall wait to ensure that it has been picked from the other end. 

Also no need to worry about the sanitisation as their delivery staff are hired after a compulsory health check. All the stores have adopted a more safe and hygiene protocol, delivery boxes, the delivery bikes and the pizza delivery hot bags are being sterilized every 4 hours, so stop thinking too much. A similar method has been started by the beloved McDonald’s and Zomato to ensure maximum hygiene level as well. 

Stop calculating every other consequence as the experts of these amazing food outlets have calculated and cross-checked it all. 

What do you think of this initiative?

Go ahead, order yourself a mouth-watering meal and be careful. Stay home, understand the need of the hour, maintain contact from everyone and keep washing your hands. 

Spread positivity and keep on praying for the better and brighter days.