Online Courses: Avail Free Courses During This Lockdown

Utilize Your Potential: Use this time for expanding your horizons and grabbing new perspectives, information and various skills that could help you become a better person. Now that the news of lockdown extension has arrived let’s consume this time wisely. We all know the online courses from reputed institutions are pretty expensive and the ones that are available for free just don’t throw much knowledge. But now, you can overcome this hurdle with the help of Google and here’s how. Let’s dig more to know how to avail the information we’re talking about?

The Google Digital Unlocked is an initiative by Google that aims to help a number of small and medium-sized businesses. But if you are looking to gain some knowledge that you wish to grab for the betterment of yourself and give a boost to your career then this platform is the right place for you. 

There are numerous free online courses available that are being offered at Google Digital Unlocked.

Some of them include:

  •  Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing 
  • Build Confidence With Self Promotion
  • Intro To Digital Well Being
  • Social Psychology 

And many many more courses that’ll provide you a professional certificate and will help you build a better career. Most of these courses are either offered by Google itself or some are offered from reputed institutes like Yale or Pennsylvania. 

Click here to avail the link to the online courses.  

Use this extra time to shape your personality and learn some new methods, knowledge and theories. Adapt them and nourish your personality with these free professional courses and give your career a new kick.

While you access these online courses don’t forget to pay gratitude to the noble souls working day and night for all of us. Spread positivity, pray, chant or meditate and stay safe, stay inside.