Outbreak Of Coronavirus: Government Sanitized Over 7,800 Public Vehicles

From locking the public places to banning the people gatherings of over 50 people, the higher authorities are taking preventive measures in order to protect the public from the catch of this malicious catch of COVID-19. With each passing hour there is new news about the proper hygienic measures taken by the government. Regular sterilization of various modes of public transport is ensured and highly adhered by the authorities. 

Not that it is to dis-encourage the #stayhome order of the authorities but it is to spread awareness that the government is keeping all the essential modes of transport disinfected. Including the public service vehicles and even the autorickshaws all are sanitized. The government is providing the facility for free and this disinfection drive is being organized at all the RTC and cluster bus depots every day in 2 shifts- 10AM – 12 noon and 4:30-6:30PM. For each vehicle that is disinfected, a ‘Certificate of Disinfection’ is being allotted for the same. 

Not just the vehicles but even the roads and walls are too disinfected,the government is doing their job and it’s time you do yours, stay home.

Folks please stay indoors, even home deliveries have begun to provide the households with the day-to-day groceries. Maintain S O C I A L  D I S T A N C I N G .