7 Golgappe Stalls not to be missed – Street Food in Jaipur

Famous as golgappa in northern India, panipuri in southern and central India, pani ke bataashe in the west and puchka in the east, this crispy ball is known to every chaat lover in the country. And Jaipur being the food capital of Rajasthan is a true gourmet’s calling. One can find a golgappa vendor in every cranny and corner of the city but the exceptionally exceptional places where you can truly satisfy your panipuri cravings are listed below:

  1. Lalaji Patashi, Tripolia

Jaipur is not only famous for its pink colored walls but also for its SP DSP Golgappe wala; famed points of enjoying the best of Gol Gappe is, LalaJi Patashi just opposite to Sargasuli in Tripolia Bazar, he serves in his own special style totally drool-worthy pani-puri.

Gol gappe in jaipur

  1. Brijwasi Patashi Bhandar 

Sophistication go hand in hand but when it comes gol gappa who gives a jack to the high. Brijwasi Patashi Bhandar is another most famous spot for the people nearby to have some puchkas. Being stippled in the main city near Govind Dev Ji mandir has its own lead and tastes yummy which will drag you to this point any day.

  1. Bapu Bazar

Bapur Bazar is one-stop market for all your needs in the heart of Pink City, including that of mouthwatering street yummies. Such outlet located in the heart of Bapu Bazar, which serves absolutely zesty golgappas and one can just never have till their heart’s filled. This place is a paradise for Gol Gappe lovers and this can be perceived with the deader of people visiting here.

  1. Delhi Chat Bhandar

Delhi chat at Madho singh circle, Bani Park for all right reasons is the listed favored place if you’re coveting for Gol Gappe. The taste is purely magical and the soupçon of each flavor will leave your taste buds amazed and more desired with the right crisp these golgappa’s are beyond perfection. Those looking ahead for a golgappa munching competition, this is the place to be at.

  1. Nand Chaat Bhandar

Raja Park homes a large Punjabi community and hence we find lip-smacking panipuris to savor upon. Once you start gobbling them, you just as may forget count at The Nand Chaat Bhandaar aka Nand Golgappa wala in Raja Park, have the best taste in this category, which has made it stand out of the crowd. The way they serve patashi and the care they take being hygiene has its other advantages.

Nand Chat Bhandar

  1. Jaipuri Chatkara

Gaurav Tower is the only place, which comes to our minds when we think of a foodie’s heaven. Jaipuri Chatkara have been known place in every food lover’s heart and stomach!

One of the go-to and affordable places when it comes to North-Indian cuisine, Jaipuri Chatkara is for the hygiene freaks who want scrumptious chat but with much more hygiene.

  1. Durga Das Chaat Bhandar

The shack in the infamous adarsh nagar bazaar is a name in itself. The perfect spheres of fried goodness filled with the spicy tamarind water is sure to lull you and you won’t be able to have just one!

We all love it when life gives us variation. And if the golgappe wala gives us variety, won’t it be the best thing? Different flavors of golgappe, and what you get at the end is a big, blasting surprise ; Golgappa with a raw chilly and it’ll just leave you in tears-trust us, in tears!

Street food in jaipur

So go tickle those taste buds with the tanginess of this street food and we’re sure, you’re not gonna stop after one!

It tastes as sumptuous as it seems, so, ready, set, go and attack!!!

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