Perfect Slap to Rolls Royce Company by the King of Alwar

King Of Alwar Maharaja Jai Singh
King Of Alwar – Maharaja Jai Singh

On a sunny day in 1920s, An Indian king walked into a Rolls-Royce Showroom in London to inquire about the Price and Specifications of the Phantom II Tourer. Dress in casual attire, the salesman mocked at him and said he would not be able to afford it and to stop wasting their time. The salesman didn’t knew that the “shabby” Indian was the Maharaja of Alwar, King Jai Singh. He Came back to his place in a bad mood.

Rolls Royce London

The infuriated King, Jai Singh went back to the dealership. He collected his wits together and asked for manager, disclosed his identity and ordered all the 7 cars that were present on the showroom floors. He also asked the dealership manager to send that arrogant salesman to personally deliver the cars to his palace in India.

Rolls Royce India

Maharaja Jai Singh ordered to cut open their roofs and began to use them as garbage collectors.
Soon after the Rolls Royce company received the news of their brand being humiliated this way, the salesman was fired and the company sent a telegram carrying an official apology at Maharaja’s palace in Alwar.
Also imploring him to take the garbage collecting cars off service. Also, Rolls Royce offered him seven new cars for no cost.
The British company had learnt the lesson for their rude behaviour and it was a Perfect Slap for Rolls Royce Company by the King of Alwar.

Rolls Royce Garbage Collector

King Jai Singh called off all the garbage collecting cars and never bought a single Rolls-Royce again.