Phase of Unlock Installs a New-Normal System For Jaipur Malls!

As the first phase of Unlock 1.0 began on June 8, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot made several announcements. All relating to the do’s and don’ts in this phase of Unlock. Here are the details you must know before planning a visit outside your home.

Jaipur: Almost open | The Rajasthan government on Saturday i.e June 6 has approved the opening of malls, hotels, clubs. While the places are prepared to attain normalcy, deep down its crystal clear that they all have to operate and adapt to the ‘new-normal’ ways of functioning. Therefore innovative methods are employed by numerous malls. All range from usual security check to adapting sanitization at every place. 

New-Normal System in Malls:

  • Temperature recording 
  • Installation of UV sanitizers so that the air circulated is sanitized
  • Proper sanitization system
  • Sanitation tunnel 
  • Automatic dispensing sanitization system
  • Disinfecting the hand bar of escalators
  • Food courts in various malls will adhere to social distancing.

After apprising the residents about the new normal ways of functioning, the sentiment to go out and shop awaits individual consent. Meanwhile, the places of worship are not likely to open anytime soon. For this the District-level committees were appointed to consider and take the hold of the issue. 

While the phase of Unlock is opening ways for the new-normal routine to flourish, we must understand that Jaipur is still not out of the danger. People have been asked to maintain social distancing. The relaxation doesn’t indicate the pandemic is over. If not all, at least the senior citizens must be urged to be cautious. They should leave their houses as low as possible.

If it’s not a necessity, staying home is the safest and most comforting option at this stage. Spread positivity and hope for better days.