This Photo Series Salutes The Late Night Heroes Of Jaipur Who No One Talks About

Jaipur Nightlife

Team JaipurCityBlog decided to capture life of people in Jaipur who are working all night to make our life more comfortable and no one talks about them. These workers make sure our routines work like clockwork. We decided to showcase and salute their hard work.

These activities we captured with our camera are in Jaipur between 1.00 am and 4.00 am, and the locations were durgapura, mansarovar, gopalpura bypass, badi chaupar, tonk road, malviya nagar etc. All necessary permissions were taken from appropriate authorities before capturing this photo series.

This photo series is a tribute to hard work and dedication of these people, capturing their lives when the city of Jaipur sleeps and the motive of this is to make people realize that these are people who are working day and night just to make our lives much more comfortable, we find the packet of milk, newspaper etc, when we wake up early at morning. But, we’re too busy in our lives to acknowledge the back story so as to how it happened.

Changing our sleep cycle was the first step towards understanding their mind-set at that particular hour. Most of subjects didn’t sleep more than three hours a day, and yet remained mentally healthy. Their efficiency and discipline is something that has always inspired us and then we thought, why not go out for rounds to shoot them, and promote their professions that most of us are unaware of.

The reason we did not stop waking up every day, and go for the shoot is because,”We knew these guys were waking up before most of us, worked harder than most of us and were the family bread winners.
So, this series is a tribute to all these unsung heroes.”

Here are photos of Jaipur Night life – When Jaipur Sleeps

Jaipur Police

Jaipur Police working everyday, every night to ensure the safety of people of the City, A big salute to them.
Location : Mansarovar, Jaipur
Time : 1.15 am

Watchman in jaipur

Location : Durgapura
Time : 1.30 am

Jaipur Night life

Location : Badi Chaupar (Metro Construction)
Time : 1.45 am

Jaipur Metro

Jaipur Metro construction site city area
Time : 2.30 am
Location : Badi Chaupar

Jaipur Nightlife

“I’m working every night just to earn few bucks and serve my family with meals.”
Location : Main city area
Time : 2.45 am

Jaipur Night life, Nightlife in jaipur

“Swachh Bharat Mission” – A waste picker along with his wife, collecting waste at 3 am opposite Gaurav Tower in malviya nagar, Jaipur.
Location : Gaurav Tower
Time : 3.15 am

newspaper hawker in jaipur

There are many newspaper hawker who work hard to ensure we get our newspapers at our doorsteps before we wake up every morning. Massive respect for them.
Location : Gopalpura Bypass
Time : 3.45 am

Jaipur nightlife

Location : Gopalpura
Time : 4.00 am

Note : The visuals are copyrighted product and property of JaipurCityBlog.
Don’t reproduce any picture without permission and credits.

Pictures by : Dixit Chouhan (JaipurCityBlog)