Pink City : The irreplaceable City – Testimonial by an Egyptian Girl

The Pink City … The irreplaceable.

Greetings from a young Egyptian girl who had a lifetime experience in the Pink City.

Let me tell you at first how hard is it and complicated to tell you my story here in Jaipur in my 45th day especially when my heart tends to run away from the fact that I am leaving within few hours and does not want to go back home, Complaining “Come on,  THIS IS HOME TOO !”  ..

It was a bright sunny day When I arrived in Jaipur holding world’s dreams and expectations. I wanted so much to finally meet the people who are known to be unique in each and every detail of their lives. And as of my deep appreciation to The Indian Music, Architecture and Culture as a whole, I have always been curious about the Indian people themselves; In my opinion, they had to contribute in a way or another to carving this Overwhelming Image of India.

All these thoughts were on my mind when I took my first Tuk Tuk to Jawahar Nagar while bargaining all the way about the fare with the driver. Finally reached home, yes that was my first impression .. Peace of mind!

After spending a relaxing night and starting to acknowledge that Finally my dream is coming true, It was the time to start a new chapter in my story: Work.

I came to Jaipur as a volunteer in a project called W.A.R (War Against Rape), held by an international organisation called AIESEC .

AIESEC jaipur Pink City
That was our first meeting to discuss our work

I got to work with an international team consists of  13 members of different nationalities, Hence, different cultural backgrounds including Egypt, China, Lebanon, Brazil, Germany, Malaysia,Indonesia,Russia and Spain. Our job was to conduct sessions, debates and discussions in different Schools and Universities in Jaipur to spread awareness to the Youth who are to be the leaders of a bright future.

Our goal was not only changing People’s mindsets and their unfair judgment to raped women, Our goal was rather to find creative solutions to overcome the major issue of rape in India and In the whole world.  

After being well prepared with a research based on online surveys and others conducted in the Streets and markets of Jaipur, In addition to a wide concentrated discussions and sessions conducted by Professionals to us , We successfully delivered a number of Sessions in different Schools, Universities and Institutes.

Now after being impressed by the interaction  of the youth, the Old people in Jaipur everywhere, Everything started to make sense for me and My questions finally got answers. It is the people! or shall I say the artists. People in Jaipur have an amazing ability to inspire you unintentionally, the way they talk, the way they discuss an issue or debate and finally convince you.  It’s the People who draw on the bridges and decorate the Streets. The People who go to the bazaar or sell their products with unintentional showcasing to their beautiful culture.  People of Jaipur, all I have to say now that you have to be ultimately proud!

International tourist in Pink City

Be Proud of your beautiful city with this charming streets at night, be proud of your historic buildings, forts and Temples everywhere.  Be proud of your brilliant and sophisticated mindsets and your Artistic talents and Potentials that is  capable of maintaining and developing your Amazing City and amazing Culture.

The irreplaceable City .. Whenever I went out to visit other Cities in India and Come back to Jaipur , it felt like coming back to home. It was this relief and inner peace that always  been there in Jaipur. That feeling was really surprising as I am the kind of person that is  greatly attached to her Country, friends and family. In other words, The irreplaceable Pink City is my home and my Comfort zone.

tourists in Pink City

I am a 22 years old girl from Egypt and I believe that I am the luckiest to choose Jaipur as my first destination outside my Country. So, Thank you Jaipur for granting me this precious experience and I promise that I am coming home again..


Yousra Walid Kamaledin

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