PM Modi Urges The Citizens To Follow 7 Steps!

At 10 in the morning, PM Modi urged all the citizens of the country to follow seven steps during this lockdown which is further more extended till May 3. 

Here are 7 steps that we all should follow during this lockdown according to the PM: 

1 Improve immunity- 

The foremost step to be followed during this pandemic is to consume immunity boosting products. After all it is a matter of survival, so it’s better to boost your immune system than gulp medicines. Don’t be a burden on anyone by ignoring the repetitive precautions listed by the authorities. 

2 Take care of the poor-

The pandemic has shown us the obscene inequality when the difference between the poor and the rich is death and life. We need to understand that if the already vulnerable economic conditions are turning more challenging for the common man than how will the poor survive? Their survival is solely dependent on the impartial help that we all should take up. Just like for us it is more of a challenge to obtain food, pay bills, consume services then think about the daily wagers and the extent of challenges they must be facing during this time. Let’s contribute our bit, help and donate food and essential items. 

3 Practice social distancing, wear masks- 

Break the chain, practice social distancing. Avoid the evening/morning walks. Use masks when you move out to bring vegetables and essential items. 

It’s often the repetitive precautions that we tend to ignore and then face their repercussions, but it’s high time we all understand that it’s not just the one person that’ll be facing the consequences it’s the people surrounded by you. 

4 Download Arogya Setu App- 

PM urged everyone to install the Arogya Setu Application, the application will proffer you the latest details related to Covid-19. One can even track the areas majorly affected by it and can take measures accordingly. 

5 Take care of the employees, don’t fire them-

This is majorly for the ones running the employees, it is a crucial time and the employees cannot turn up for the work due to the imposed orders. So understand the gravity of the situation and do not fire the employees,cut down some percentage of the salaries but not the whole of it. Take care of your society if you have the resources, don’t own up the selfishness within you, keep everyone in the loop and provide them with as much as you can. 

6 Take special care of the elderly-

Do not eschew the other medical needs and health problems in this pandemic. There are many still suffering with heart diseases, cancer issues, arthritis and many chronics. Please take care of your elders, provide them with everything they require, especially those with underlying medical conditions. 

7 Obey the police and other authorities in their measures against the spread of Coronavirus- 

Respect and adhere to the measures suggested by the authorities. They are working for our safety so don’t be another burden by not following their orders. 

Follow these 7 steps and stay healthy, stay home. Don’t forget to pay your gratitude to the noble souls working hard for us. Keep them in your prayers and spread positivity in these horrendous times.