Post Lockdown: Schools To Install Odd-Even Scheme

Jaipurites, we all have heard the pretty famous odd-even scheme right? Well the same kind of scheme will now be introduced in schools and here’s what you need to know about this possible initiative to combat COVID-19. 

Schools To Install Odd-Even Scheme | Once the national lockdown is lifted, schools may start following the ‘odd-even’ rule to ensure that on a given day, there are not more than 50% of the students present in the campus.

The Ministry of Human Resources Development shall announce that social distancing, individualistic assessment and teaching-learning will be the guiding principles once the lockdown is finally over. National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is creating material to be aired on televisions in order to overcome the digital divide in case of students by an ‘Each Class, One Channel’ strategy.

However all this is just an initiative that still requires approval from the MHRD ( Ministry of Human Resource Development) the guidelines for the same are also under preparation.

Be prepared to witness a change in every place. Install faith and pour gallons of hope in the darkest corners. Clear the negative junks and attain the ‘WILL’ to beat this hazardous virus.

Stay united and support each and every individual in need of help.  In the coming future, it will be mandatory for all us to be open to change, so we urge you all to be prepared mentally. Meanwhile don’t forget to maintain proper hygiene and pay gratitude to the noble souls.

Source: Times Of India