Post Lockdown: Usage Of Masks & Other Safety Essentials Are Now Mandatory For Travel

In case you are planning to travel to your hometown or heading back to your PGs or work purposes post lockdown, then are you aware of the new travel mandatories? Because this is what the outbreak of Coronavirus has taught us and we must keep up our health first. 

Once the flight resumes, the waiting line will be longer than usual so it is suggested that you must leave for the airport in advance with a buffer time. Along with this, it is also expected that the operating flights will resume from 3rd may and the travelers’ body temperature will be screened. The ones showing abnormal temperatures, symptoms like flu or not wearing marks won’t be permitted inside the terminal building. In addition to that, there may not be any queuing up and the travelers’ will be divided into different groups with a seating area.

The seats will be placed far from each other adhering to the social distancing norms and the passengers will get up for checking only when they are called personally. Even the frisking will be touch-free and clean with only the metal detectors and the capacity of the airport bus might also be reduced by 50%.

Apart from this, the travelers will be encouraged to get their boarding passes printed from their respective houses and the airlines won’t be serving in-flight meals to reduce the level of interactions until any official notice. 

It’s for your own safety and health, so cooperate and encourage the noble sources that are working for all of us.