Post Lockdown: Zomato Has Proposed ‘Contactless Dining’ & Here Are The Details! !

How’d you feel if the concept of social distancing will stay post lockdown? So, the recent proposal of Zomato might actually amend the traditional dine-in method once the restrictions will be lifted from the ongoing lockdown. Let’s see what exactly this proposal holds.

Zomato might introduce ‘Contactless Dining’ which will minimise the customer contact with anything that someone else may have touched. They intend to achieve this by the help of technology which will include three major components ‘Contactless Menu’- that’ll help you scan a QR code and explore all the appetizing options that the place has to offer. Next option is ‘Contactless Ordering’ – it will help you place your order via the app and lastly the ‘Contactless Payment’ – which will help you pay your bill online through the digital paying methods. 

The proposal also holds additional features that will either let you pay for yourself or for the entire table without much ado. The most advantageous feature of this minimal contact is the fact that the customers won’t have to wait to place their order or wait for the same. 

Well a lot of things might be amended and vary post this lockdown, what is your say about this?