Post Observing The Acute Fear Of Covid-19 We As A Society Cling On To Hope!

“Everything that is done in this world, is done by hope” – Martin Luther 

The whole world is stuck with the spread of this outrageous virus and all that was normal with lives has been put to halt in order to safeguard people from the catch of COVID-19 which grips the potential to destroy countries, if proper precautions aren’t taken with solemnity. But post installing the precautions and adhering to the stated norms all the countries are surviving on the string of hope that things would gradually go back to normal within a couple of months. 

Now imagining a life post Quarantine, there are certain aspects that are going to change, our usual lives shall be altered and what once was the norm for us would possibly never remain the same.  

Here is some word of advice for the various set of crowds! 

For The Class Of 2020:

Our country’s government has taken bold steps to save millions of lives from the possibility of the horrendous infection. All those who are graduating this year might face hindrances in finding the jobs because of the temporary recession caused by the loss of revenue that might scatter and hit differently to different sectors. The ministry has advised all major conglomerates to eschew sacking people which ultimately means no new hires. Therefore it is suggested that all the graduates either accept the job offers they are getting for the moment or hold on to the freelancing projects in various fields.

For Working Class:

The working class is highly advised to stay where they are, do not switch from work to work in search of a better opportunity. Switching jobs might not be the safest option for the time being, keeping in mind the serious cut of the employment in the field of work. 

For Students: 

The beginning of the new session might be fairly delayed. But the online teaching has paced with utmost speed, and the students are missing the classroom environment and only the bookish learning is what they are left with. Cling on to the stiff string of hope and find the silver lining in every down situation. Cope up with what is in front of you by mixing up with the online learning, but also learn to extract the good around you. Attend webinars, talk to your grandparents, listen to the stories and pick your movies wisely. 

For Business Class:

While the market trends are slow in the coming year, there are a few opportunities that might give the country a leeway in its economy, given that the government takes a step back from the socialist mindset. Businesses would avoid making big investments and might have to cut off from the workforce or even face a shit down. But those with a well established business and firm control on their accounts must understand that the salaries are the only thing that the working class is looking forward to for survival. Try not to cut the salaries, it is just a matter of several months. Remember if there are losses then there were profits too! Act upon this situation and do not back out from being the supportive pillar of your employees. 

For Society:

The society won’t be the same after the scare of COVID-19 is lifted. Even now, the survivors of this outrageous virus are treated unfairly by their very own families, neighbors. They are facing a social boycott and are coping up with a new set of problems just to mix up in their own society. The recovered patients and their families are finding it difficult to sustain with normalcy as the suspicion is on the verge. All those tested positive might take a lot of time to be normally accepted by the society and experience the reformed behavior that is now open to acceptance.

Psychological Instability:

The pandemic comes with a lot of major psychological issues, brimming with ‘what ifs’ the social isolation and the quarantine is a very rough phase that is hardly seen without anxiety, panic and stress. The disruption of the daily life patterns and a major trauma for all those who are infected from the virus. Another harming problem would be PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) even after the virus would leave us, it would traumatize people for years to come. Some may feel the heaviness of the guilt of ‘being privileged to not witness the worst’. It is dangerous for mental peace and stability.

It is a sincere urge to all of you, that the Coronavirus will leave us one day or the other but until then we as a society need to stay in good shape and breathe calmness. Help the underprivileged with the best possible way and see HOPE with a better intention. Someone righteously said: We are not in the same boat, but are facing the same storm. You may not be able to save someone from getting seasick or protect their boat from capsizing, but you can always lend them your spare life jacket.