Project Yugm took Jaipur by surprise with their 31 gigs at 31 places in a day!

31st December ! 31 Cafes ! 31 Performances ! What a thought and enthusiastically implemented by Project Yugm

Project Yugm performed at 31 Cafes in Pink City in less than 12 hours. They were continously posting live videos on their Facebook page  for everyone to enjoy their music and praise their initiative !

They started at Mr. Jabs Cafe in Mansarovar  around 12 Noon and ended the day at NoWayOut, Raja Park around 9 PM. They covered almost all the cafe in pink city, big or small, popular or unheard, and entertaining people with their music.
And that’s how they celebrated their record !

During one live performance, Abhishek Jinger who is the lead vocalist of Project Yugm said, “We want this kind of folk, Kabir and indigenous music to spread and reach more people, that’s why we came up with this initiative and 31st December was the perfect time to do it, so we went ahead with it.”

Surprise gigs is no new concept. Bands have been doing it for a while. But this newly formed band from Jaipur has taken this concept to another level by giving 31 surprise gigs in a day. Brilliant job, guys !

Project Yugm is a band / project of musicians and artists playing folk, fusion, kabir, and more alternative music genres. Follow them on Facebook to listen to their soulful music –
Project Yugm Facebook 

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