Punishable Offense: Spitting In Public Places Will Cost You A Fine Of Rs. 1000?

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus the government has become more cautious about the already existing casualties and careless attitude of the citizens towards public hygiene. Henceforth the government has come up with certain measures in order to increase the safety and public hygiene. The most important out of all the measures is the fine for spitting and urinating in public places. The fine on such acts has now been increased by ten times to Rs. 1000 so that there are lesser to nil casualties. If any one is caught spitting or urinating in public places then it’ll be a punishable offense. This move comes in light of the ongoing world crisis led by the coronavirus where insanitation can add to the number of cases. The concerned authorities have delegated to impose and collect fines to all licensing inspectors, sanitary and assistant sanitary inspectors, public health inspector and malaria and assistant malaria inspectors. 

Those who violate will bear the fine on the spot and it will be collected at the very moment. If the violator doesn’t have the actual.amount, the collecting officer will check their resident address or driving license or any ID proof. But if they don’t have either of the documents, a photo will be clicked and his address will be noted down. 

The act has been made a punishable offense under Section 51 (b) of the Disaster Management Act. So dear readers spread the word and do not urinate or spit anywhere in public spaces, it’s not just that you need to pay the fine and the consequences, but it is not healthy for the society.