Purpose of Amer Sagar and Tal Katora Lakes in Jaipur

Amer Sagar
PC : Shobhit Tiwari

Jaipur, the Pink city was established mainly in 1727. There were some reasons to establish Jaipur. One of the most important and serious problem was “Water Scarcity in Jaipur”, this problem gave a bad impact on our society at that time. So, Sawai Jai Singh the ruler of the kingdom of Amber decided to store water in some lakes to fight the problem of Water Scarcity in Jaipur.
Jaipurites frequently visit Sagar for outing.. But have you even wondered What is the Purpose of Amer Sagar and Tal Katora Lakes in Jaipur ? Lets discuss it below.

1. Amer Sagar

Amer Sagar is a hidden lake in Jaipur which is covered by huge Aravali ranges, it can be seen neither from Fort nor from the City, it was built at the time of establishing Amer, Sagar lake was fighting this problem at that time. The great king built a rectangular shaped lake and it was filled up by water which came from rain and the whole population of Amer uses this water for domestic and other use, that is the reason why Amer Sagar is a hidden lake.

Hidden Lake in Jaipur - Sagar
Hidden Lake in Jaipur – Sagar


Amer Sagar
Amer Sagar – PC : Khush BaGri


2. Talkatora

Tal katora lake also known as ‘Alligator Tank’ is located at link road (kanwar nagar – brampuri). This lake adjoins back portion of the temple of Govind dev ji, built mainly at the time of establishing Jaipur. Unlike Amer Sagar, this lake was not there to fight Water Scarcity. The purpose of both of these lakes were somehow not same. The purpose behind Sagar was to clear problems of water usage, whereas Tal katora was a symbol of greenery and attraction. The king gave a well-designed look by making a circular garden at the midst of Tal katora. If we talk about this lake today, I feel shame to say that “Tal Katora stores sewerage and dirty water of nearby locality”.

Talkatora Jaipur
Talkatora Jaipur – PC : Siddharth Setia

See the change between 1727-2015 , A place where people used to come for amusement and feel the natural beauty at that time, is now just a dirty place to solve sewerage issues. Somehow we, the people are responsible for such changes. These are not just lakes but are the gifts by our king to us to fight the problem of water issues in Jaipur that he himself faced.

The aim behind this article is to create a feeling of “Change” that is definitely needed in the youth of Jaipur.

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