Pushkar festival is around the corner people ! Get yourself ready.

Finally the wait is over folks ! Pushkar festival is almost ready to fill some energy, love, and festive feelings in you all. Pushkar Camel Fair 2018 is an annual cattle fair being conducted on Pushkar where nearly 30,000 camels are used to be congregated. Pushkar is a small desert town found in the Indian state of Rajasthan. As a peculiar and captivating sight, it will give you all an excellent opportunity to witness an Indian festival portraying the rich traditions and cultures of the state. The Pushkar Camel Fair is celebrated with the intention to grasp the attention of local cattle traders to perform their business during the divine Karthika Purnima festival, which is held in Pushkar every year in the month of Karthika. With camel trading, the fair has developed into a major tourist attraction followed by a series of activities being arranged by the Tourist Department of Rajasthan.

Major attractions of the festival : 

  • Cattle trading
  • Camels, sheep, goat, cows and domestic livestock are traded.
  • Parade of well caparisoned camels will take place.
  • Camels are the top most wanted animal by the majority.
  • Camels are washed and decorated well with multicolored cloths and jeweleries giving interesting patters.
  • Bangles clank while the camels walk along with them the bells on camel’s hoof jingles the time they walk near the sand dunes.
  • Piercing the nose of camel is a custom practice in Pushkar.

This is the most widely known festival and is much awaited to cherish all over the dance, rides, cattles and colours.

Dates : 

The festival is normally held every year in the month of November. The official announcement for Pushkar Camel Fair for the year 2018 will be between November 15 and November 23. The camel action will take place only on first four days and after which the time for being focused on heightened religious celebrations. So it is advisable for you all  to come before the commencement of the fair in order to take part in the fair with a full swing and energy.

Come and enjoy this rich festival of traditions and camels !