Pushkar Mela – Celebration You Should Not Miss This Year

Pushkar Mela
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Pushkar Mela is a splendid fest that visualizes the serene lake and the white buildings of the tiny town of Pushkar that shines like a pearl in Rajasthan’s coronet. This festival had its significance of over 2,000 years when it was treasured as the mark of Pushkar unlike the city whose sacred lake washes sins and cure terminal diseases.

Earlier, Pushkar Festival hosts a large fair where people from all over the country come up to trade livestock like camels, sheep, and cattle. But, in last few years, it has grown into a massive parish which shows Rajasthan’s unique artisans, colorful cultural retreat, authentic delicacies, and lots of activities to entertain millions of tourists.

Pushkar Fair

Hence, we can say visiting the Pushkar Mela 2016 should be on the priority list of everyone. And, if you haven’t been there even single once

Here are 12 reasons why you should explore Pushkar Fair

  1. Watch out Cattle Trading

One of the biggest cattle trade in Rajasthan, you can witness in Pushkar at this time. For earning a livelihood, a large number of camel and cattle owners gather around the Pushkar Lake for selling and buying the livestock. This form of trading is an old practice which has brought together different communities for a single purpose. The phenomenon of this event is both fascinating and thrilling to observe.

  1. Aerial view from hot air balloon ride

Can you imagine a view from the top as you float higher and higher on surreal Hot air balloon ride and thousands of people turns into small beings? This mesmerizing experience gets multiplied during the fair when you tend to observe the Pushkar town glittering from a far off distance.

  1. Witness Pushkar Lake transform into Hinduism’s holiest pool

From Kartik Ekadashi to Kartik Poornima (October-November), Pushkar Mela is celebrated for seven days. According to Hindu calendar and scriptures, the full moon night of Kartik month is considered so auspicious that on this day when god Brahma sprung up the Pushkar Lake, 330 million gods and goddesses came to bath in it. Since then, for centuries, people come along to take a dip in the Pushkar Lake during the full moon to wash their sins and get connected to gods.

  1. Rock with India’s most famous fusion bands

Rajasthan government has also made an effort to entertain the crowd with few of the excellent fusion bands. This has driven people attraction towards Mela along with the livestock trading and display of artisans. Last year the Indian Ocean entertained the crowd and this time, Prem Joshua & Band are all set to perform.

  1. Participate in the enthralling competitions

Apart from entertainment, Pushkar Mela hosts all kind of sports like camel race, moustaches, stunts, bride & groom competition, etc. The pride of Rajasthan survives in its great moustaches and colorful culture. A display of well-pampered moustache can let one win a lot of respect and recognition. Whereas for the Bride and Groom Competition, candidates are dressed to win up the title.

  1. Glamorous camping: Only fun and no fuss

Staying at camps and spending your nights in Pushkar is quite lively during this time. Budget hotels, backpacking hotels, heritage houses, and luxury camps are intended to book your trip to check out Pushkar fair. Staying in camps surrounded by hills of the Aravali ranges on one side, and vast open countryside of rural Rajasthan is something worth to go slightly with your budget. And, the ones who are not so comfortable with camping can have expensive alternatives. Alluring luxury camps are also the well-known facility with a rustic glimpse.

  1. Encounter the beauty of Rajasthani art at Shilpgram

Many rural artisan communities who are the heart of Rajasthani culture and art gather in Shilpgram to present the best artistic skills. And, that is why Pushkar fair and Shilpgram attract the best of India’s artisans. Situated near the mela grounds, Shilpgram invites artisans to set up permanent and makeshift stalls to promote their art in local as well among tourists. They sell almost everything like paintings, leatherware, puppets, and jewelry.

  1. Watch the beautiful sunset nearby lakeside with thousands of devotees

According to Indian mythology, Pushkar Lake is one of the most treasured water bodies since ancient times. One can found the remark of it in 4th-century coins and inscribed on 2ndh century Stupas. This reveals that the lake was a pilgrimage thousands of years ago. Though it didn’t lie to the route of Greek, Chinese, Persian, and Mughal travelers to find their way on its revered site. Its view is even more divine when the sun sets on its horizon. Golden highlights with the last orange rays, people travel long distances to get a glimpse of it.

  1. Run a marathon and Enjoy Patangbazi

For the first time taking place in the Pushkar Mela, a Harmony Marathon which is 14 km run from Ajmer Sharif Dargah to Brahma Temple. The marathon is aimed to celebrate the uniqueness and togetherness of the incredible stability of Rajasthan. Accompanied with another event i.e. Pushkar Ki Patang – Kite flying competition where ace kite-flyers will display their skill at ‘Patangbazi.’ Local kite makers from all over India will be there with beautiful and intricately crafted kites.

  1. High power doses of adventurous thrill

Pushkar Mela is a blend of activities for all types of travelers. If you are an adrenaline freak, you can select from a range of rides on adventure bikes or fly through the Pushkar skyline on a paramotor craft. For those who prefer a slightly gentle route, can swerve into the Pushkar sunset on a wonderful camel safari.

  1. Check out nation’s favorite cricket match ‘Lagaan.’

In this year, locals of Pushkar and a group of foreigners are going to showcase their love for cricket. Both the teams will be dressed in full ‘Lagaan’ costumes to recreate a feel of the cricket match. And, then it will be a moment of the playing cricket match which will get to the root of movie scenes in reality! This game takes place on the 5th Day at around 1:00 pm.

  1. Indulge into the best of flavors including variety of cuisines

The cafe culture of Pushkar will surprise you even more, but the most diving discovery will be the authentic and easily affordable Daal Baati Churma. Though everything at the fair would be double of its price but, all the cuisines whether it’s Italian, Lebanese, and Indian are worth each penny since all cooks are eager to impress.

Thus, the grand occasion of the Pushkar Mela 2016 is definitely a priceless retreat for those who wish to witness the lively culture and traditions of Rajasthan.

Pushkar Mela

Pushkar Festival