Ramgarh Lodge – A Highlight Over The Heritage Hotel Near Jaipur

Beyond the time and archive, Jaipur encores several royal properties within its zone for tourists. But one such heritage that has been handpicked by The Gateway Hotel in the list of must-visit is The Gateway Hotel Ramgarh Lodge. One of the most beautiful destinations, which is indeed a discovery for everyone who admires the adventure, romance, luxury, and calmness at the same time. 

This heritage property in Jaipur has taken over its place right in the dimensions of three pillars, i.e. Slices in Time, Sense of Place, and Themes at Play in the curated hotels from IHCL (Indian Hotels Company Limited)

For the immersive experiences for the travel connoisseurs, the hotel is presented in the portfolio and rated amongst other authentic and unforgettable stays. And, what makes Ramgarh Lodge unique while holding a position in the hospitality industry effortlessly find out here.

Location of the Legacy

Within the lapse of Aravalli hills, the place is ideal for the wanderlust who wants to spend their precious time in the mountainous regions. The distance of 35kms needs to be covered to reach the destination right from Jaipur city. And, this historical getaway of Maharaja Man Singh and Maharani Gayatri Devi is an exceptional blend of unmatched hospitality and contemporary design. The breathtaking view from every corner of the lodge is perfect for adventure travelers and leisure seekers. 

Various activities during the stay

If you are accommodating for 2-3 days or seeking quality time with your family or partner, Ramgarh Lodge is an ideal retreat for the same. During the stay, there are multiple activities to relish right from the Cycling to Bird watching, Trekking to Stargazing, and Mini Cricket to Picnics, think of it and don’t forget to try throughout your vacay mode! 

Organic food, high-end breakfast, and unique dining experiences

Fresh ingredients are worth a catch if you admire the food served picked and cooked right from the farms. Organic and natural enough, the dishes are exclusively prepared to make the dining experience more elegant yet delightful for the guests. Along with, breakfast served in the hours of 9 AM -12 PM is exotic with authentic varieties of dishes present in the menu to choose or take during the accommodation is irresistible for everyone who visits here.

Moreover, unique dining experience over the rooftop, Milkyway Restaurant or within the niche of the garden area under the stars is commendable for the couples to have a romantic conversation over the delicious food. 

Introduction to Forest Safaris and Rural Farms with Village tour 

Have you ever seen the farm life or drive through forests while observing the animals right in front of your eyes! If not, then Ramgarh Lodge bestows that for you. Through the village tours, one can witness the techniques of rural India of how the wheat grows, and how the cows are milked? This scenarios still surviving in the modern lifestyle with a strong and positive impact is something that parents should show their kids and let them learn about the traditional farming, village life, and range of wildlife present in our region. 

Exquisite historical visits

The haunting and hunting stories of the reign of maharajas have been quite famous so far. But, what if you get to sense it in real life! A visit to Bhangarh, Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, Abhaneri Chand Baori, Janwa Mata Temple, and Hunting Tower imparted by the hotel are an intensifying encounter for the guests to reach into the era through their eyes. 

Luxurious rooms

Now, who doesn’t like relaxing and take comfort in the suites that are adorned by the art deco style! The former hunting lodge has a contemporary design with old-world charm that is visible in every substance of it. Equipped with royal facilities, guests can feel the hospitality and the sense of vitality as soon as they enter here. 

Weekend vibes for all

Whether you are with your folks, soulmate, friends, corporate pals, or alone, Ramgarh Lodge is a perfect spot to rejuvenate over the weekend or at the time of Holidays. With tons of activities, nearby site visits, astonishing dining, and beautiful backdrops, this place has got it all for everyone. 

Undoubtedly, there are no second thoughts that why this weekend getaway in Jaipur is chosen in the list of hotels by SeleQtions, a brand of IHCL. If you are the one seeking for a desirable time to be spent with your loved ones, then check out their website for more details Ramgarh Lodge

You can also go through or follow their social media: Facebook, Instagram for a better ordeal. Happy Weekend! 

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